Main features of Amanpuri exchange currently available

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The main functions that are currently available to users are spot trading (only for stocks that can be currently traded), deposits and withdrawals, and daily dividends.
And will be implemented on the 27th of this month.
Unless it is postponed,
Is there a dividend? As you may have guessed, Amanpuri exchange is not a dividend exchange.
I think Amanpuri’s main focus is leverage, MAM and referrals.
Leverage will include additional exchange products as well as MT5 trading support.
Think of the dividend as an extra.
However, depending on future growth, there is a possibility that the extra dividend will be larger now.
We believe that AMAL token is a brand that can aim for income gain and capital gain.
First of all, I don’t think it will fall so easily because the position of the AMAL token is not a dividend token.
The position of AMAL token is like BNB.
Also, Amanpuri exchange has few features available at the moment, but the volume is pretty good!
There is such a volume even though it is still on the way.
Although it is not in full swing, I think that there is considerable growth in the future because there is such a volume.
I think that the volume will increase considerably just by leverage implementation!
Leverage allows you to have a higher position than you can with low funds.
For example, suppose you have a position up to the maximum of the margin with full leverage (leverage 100 times).
Margin 0.001 BTC x leverage 100 times = 0.1
It is possible to have a position up to 0.1 BTC with a maximum of margin at full lever.

  • Do not use full lever because the risk is quite high.
    Be generous when doing leverage trading.
    In this way, it is possible to have a large position even with low funds. I think that transactions will become active and the volume will increase.
    The trading volume also increases commissions, so the exchanges’ profits will increase and daily dividends will increase.
    In that case, those who want even more dividends and those who think that AMAL will increase in the future may run to buy.
    I think AMAL will rise accordingly.
    First, AMAL is not a payout token, unlike payout exchange tokens. Is to say
    Since AMAL is not a dividend token, it is currently listed on biki and traded.
    The position of the AMAL token is similar to the position of the BNB.
    Therefore, the number of issued tokens is considerably smaller than that of dividend tokens.
    A certain exchange is certainly 5 billion.
    AMAL , on the other hand, is considerably less at 210 million .
    Less is good.
    It is unlikely that they will be bought in large quantities at low prices and become selling pressure later.
    If the number of issuance and distribution volume is too large, not a few users will always have a considerable number of users.
    However, AMAL has a small number of issuance of 210 million and its distribution is small.
    As a result, it currently has a value of 0.5USDT or more.
    When this happens, you will need a bit of money to buy 10,000 AMAL.
  • Because some pre-sale and IMO bought AMAL
    However, as far as looking at the current board, there is no such thing as AMAL being sold, and I think that there is no crash at the moment because there are many limit sales.
    And recently, I participated in the Amanpuri exchange partner label program, and since the AMAL for dividends came to 5000AMAL and exceeded 10,000AMAL, dividends came in.
    Occasionally I will post a dividend stake.
    The first AMAL that comes in depends on the size of the site, community, etc. that you operate. Some people get AMAL of 50,000 AMAL (about 3 million in Japanese yen).
    I was 5000AMAL because I was not so big.
    Here is the AMAL that came in.
    This is in the permanent lock. However, this AMAL is stripped off if it is fired from the partner label program due to poor performance.
    In addition, you can get it depending on the activity.
    This is required to participate in the partner label program and application is required.
    AMAL seems to be recruiting because it is currently focusing on attracting customers.
    Some people are saying Amanpuri badly or failing, but I personally believe that if leverage, MAM and other features are implemented and stabilized, we will go in the right direction.
  • Because the virtual currency area may suddenly collapse, it is forbidden to expect too much
    The famous fcoin also broke down and developed into an incident 💦
    I hope that will not happen.
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