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Cryptocurrency in 2018 and 2019 has started to gain more popularity among financial investors. The more we have more people from all over the world who are interested in trading in cryptocurrency the more reason we need a cryptocurrency exchange that will be trust worthy and that will provide all the needed tools for every Crypto trader to succeed and profit.

However as beautiful and profitable cryptocurrency trading very fee are enjoying the blessings of this phase of commerce. Many don't have good training and exposure to invest and profit in cryptocurrency. They have been recording huge loses in their trading, to solve some of these problems, here comes the lauch of a great cryptocurrency exchange project. This project is the creation of AMANPURI PROJECT which will provide more technical support to her traders to ensure that the only option they have is to succeed.


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AMANPURI EXCHANGE is a project that comes with enormous opportunities and advantages to her traders and investors. Talk of security, AMANPURI is the number one most secured Cryptocurrency broker or exchanger in the world. Nobody wants to lose his hard earned earnings to hackers or cyber thievies. Hence people's assets are given ultimost security attention.

Another great piece about this awesome project is about the user friendly interface of the exchange. Even if you are not computer savvy or you are not familiar with how cryptocurrency exchange use to look like you, you will still be able to use the exchange. AMANPURI customer support is also a helpful feature of the system. One of the ways to know a project that will last and stay strong during any storm. The support of AMANPURI platform is an active and very friendly to help any investor or trader to solve any problem.

Another unique feature of AMANPURI exchange has the low trading fee which the platform has promised her traders. The platform has ensured highest level of trust and transparency to her users which will it absolutely unique from other exchange platforms. As an experienced Crypto trader for several year have come to realize that many cryptocurrency exchange extort money money from their investors and traders due to lack of proper transparency and accountability to their traders and clients. Therefore at AMANPURI EXCHANGE you will no longer be using your almost all the good profits you make while trading to pay for withdrawal fee on the platform. Unlike other platforms where you are rubbed off of your hard your earnings or steal all the profits you have made trading.

As mentioned above we have many crypto exchanges that have dissapointed their traders because they are not able to fulfill all the beautiful promises they made during their prelaunch campaign. As a result of their insecerity and inconsistency many traders have lost a huge lot of money and investment. Hence leading to big lost of trust for new emerging Crypto projects. Special thanks to the developers of project AMANPURI which is the 21st century Crypto currency solution. This is project is built on ENTHERIUM and BLOCKCHAIN technology. AMANPURI EXCHANGE has the highest level of transparency and security for individual data and information for each trader.

Data and other important assets of every traders are well secured as against any attack or hacking. Also with AMANPURI data and every transaction of every traders can tracked with the help blockchain technology.


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Token Name => AMANPURI

Token Type => ERC20

Token Symbol => AML

Token Price => 1 AML - $0.08 U

On a final note AMANPURI has seriously perfected everything that has to do with security of their platform which has brought a big advantage and enhanced the trust each trader has in AMANPURI. The platform also will be using its own token to pay for the exchange and to receive other bounty rewards from time to time.


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