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Amanpuri exchange is created with the best leveraging quality currently in the decentralized trading ecosystem, hence Amanpuri exchange can be described as a DLT cryptocurrency exchange with the capability to offering up to the 100 times leveraging trading services with main aim providing of high level security for clients digital assets. Amanpuri generally believes in giving out exquisite features that can satisfy any trader or investor requirements, hence there is 24/7 customer support team ready to assist any trader based on enquiries or problems while the platform’s interface is completely user-friendly which is simple and understandable.
Several digital exchange platforms and projects are only fixated on gathering large amount of clients while failing to offer quality services, hence leaving behind immense number of dissatisfied clients which causes huge amount of problems to the cryptocurrency trading community. Amanpuri exchanges’s team understands the problem and mistakes of these existing platforms which is why they designed an effective tactics or strategy that allows their user or clients to obtain unlimited quality services without hassles. The Amanpuri project have created a well placed mechanism for vast leveraged trading utilizing VFA without the associated problems and risk involved.
Rest assured, traders and investors are recommended to be a part of this project because the team behind the project are professionals with many years of experience in Forex, hence they designed this project to be 100% safe, flawless, low exchange commission guaranteed, low possibility of financial losses and transaction executed with the project native tokens ensures commission to be low.

Benefits of the Amanpuri exchange over other several DLT type of exchanges are found below;

  1. There is provision of high quality, professional, fast and effective customer services.
  2. Custodian Partnership : Amanpuri exchange is currently carrying out negotiations with major custodian that is a licensing corporation of the British FCA to enable customers manage assets separately. In situations, where custodians are hacked, Bank of England compensates them for the lost assets and so indirectly, Amanpuri exchange plans on protecting customer assets completely in relation to separately managing funds. Investors will be repaid investment exempting any follow up cost in the unlikely situation that Amanpuri exchange crumble.
  3. There is a 0.15% low commission percentage charge compared to other DLT cryptocurrency exchange and the project is highly credible because of the specialized and professional team members including the project’s primary features.
  4. High protection of clients financial assets against loss due to regulatory requirements.
  5. There is provision of high quality security measures which prevents the risk of hacks, malware attacks and a cold storage wallet management to ensure these attacks are curbed.
    The trademark token of the Amanpuri exchange is called AML token. The token is an ERC 20 compliant, designed on the Ethereum blockchain and utilized in payment of transactions fees, trade with VFA etc.
    Token: AML
    Platform: Ethereum
    Type: ERC20
    Tokens for sale: 126,000,000
    Investment info
    Accepting: ETH
    Distributed in ICO: 60%
    Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
    Conclusively, the Amanpuri exchange has a great chances of becoming a successful name, the project vision is unique, achievable and outstanding, even the team behind the project are experts including having years of experience in handling operations that will promote the Amanpuri project effectively. The Whitepaper and Roadmap is clear and understandable, hence this project is credible for any investor and traders.
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