AMANPURI — A Good Security System for Protecting Traders’ Assets

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Welcome my friends to the exciting new Project today and let’s see their great idea:
The AMANPURI Exchange is a licensed DLT exchange based in the Republic of Malta that offers first-class VFA and VFA / FIAT exchange and payment solutions.
The AMANPURI Exchange ecosystem is a system that offers spot transactions and up to 100x leverage transaction system and complete security with a focus on the 100% protection of customer assets through collaborations with major custodians and the use of blockchain transparency consisting of direct financial assistance.
The predecessor of the AMANPURI Exchange is an organization that performed asset management on high leverage systems in the field of FX for 8 years in Belize and the AMANPURI project has been promoted by a team of successful, experienced financial experts.
AMANPURI, with its eight years of achievements has gained the trust of its customers in an industry where many disruptive traders have disappeared from the market. AMANPURI provides the highest security, reliability and accountability based on the 100% protection of customer assets with an original security system, a pool of supplementary funds and discrete management in collaboration with major custodians, and strives to overcome the shortcomings of other exchanges that have repeatedly caused serious losses for token issuers and owners. To accomplish this, the team is based on having a high level of knowledge of DLT technology, a deep understanding of the operation of VFA, and has built a strong corporate culture that is thorough when it comes to security and compliance.
How it Work

The AMANPURI Solution (Competitive Advantage)
AMANPURI is based on a multi-sig digital signature scheme. Two or more passwords (secret keys) are required for the remittance of VFA from a Wallet Address. One of the effects of this security feature is that, for DLT exchanges, just by using multi-sig, hackers tend to avoid hacking the exchanges. Furthermore, through management with a cold wallet, customer assets are protected from the threat of hackers.
Cold Wallet Management
Basically, customer assets are kept in a cold wallet which curtails the risks associated with hacking. Furthermore, in regard to withdrawal procedures, we restrict withdrawals to one per day, and randomly decide the time period during which procedures are carried out each time through our own algorithm. Through compliance and this algorithm’s special irregular changing of timings, we offer complete protection. As an asset holding operation, protecting customer assets is our first priority. In regard to each withdrawal application, it will not be dealt with individually, for example, if there were to requests of withdrawals from 100 accounts, they will be processed together. This can act as a countermeasure against hacking.
Partnerships with Custodians
Currently, we are undergoing negotiations with a major custodian that is a licensing company of the British FCA in order to manage customer assets separately. We plan to start a trust agreement with our custodian around 2023. When custodians are attacked through things like hacking, the Bank of England compensates them for the damages, so we can indirectly protect customer assets 100% with respect to the separately managed funds.

The Token Economics
AMANPURI’s ecosystem is supported by AML utility tokens. The AMANPURI token (AML) is an
ERC20-compliant token issued in the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for transaction fees,
listing fees in the AMANPURI Exchange and used for investment objectives such as exchanges with
VFA etc. Moreover, there is also the possibility of shifting to an original blockchain in 2020.
Token Structure

Allocation of Public Token Sale Funds

Token Name => AMANPURI
Token Type => ERC20
Token Symbol => AML
Token Price => 1 AML — $0.08 USD
Token Distribution

Maximum total supply: 210 million
Sales 60% AMANPURI
Exchange Holdings (for management) 20%
Team (given in stages over five years) 10%
Advisors 5%
Various prize money program rewards (Bounty, Affiliate, Bonus) 5%
To know the latest information about the AMANPURI project you can visit the link below:
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