New Steemit UI | Digital Asset Class Vlog 68

Hello Steemit Community,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the new Steemit User Interface! Another quick update. I've been saying this for about a month, but I'm really trying to focus on this goal for a camera. I believe it may be beneficial in the long term! If you are still following my journey in the cryptocurrency space, thank you very much for the support!

Current chart report:
Liquidity - $164.37
Total Wealth - $1162.92

For those of you who are tuning into my content for the first time, follow me from the beginning here.

Thank You For Your Time,
McKenzie Gary


Outro: TSUKI - Who (feat. Shiloh Dynasty)

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I will see all your posts! Thank you for the information!
Followed and upvoted!
Hugs from Brazil!


Thank you very much!