KuCoin Exchange - Binance's first true competitor

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KuCoin is an international exchange based out of Hong Kong. I discovered it last weekend and was impressed at first glance from a UI/UX perspective. They officially launched September 15.

I signed up and deposited a small amount of Bitcoin to test it out. So far trades have been as fast and smooth as Binance. I can see this developing into a sister site to Binance. The team has done great work on it so far and it's just beginning. I put together a few details below so you can see what KuCoin has to offer!

KuCoin Shares

KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the token that belongs to the exchange similar to BNB on Binance.
Total supply: ~181 million
Circulating supply: 91 million
ICO price: 0.000055 BTC
Current price: 0.00007869 BTC (as of posting) Market Cap: ~$40 million USD
Whitepaper is linked on their Telegram announcements channel

Reasons to sign up!

  • 80% trading fee discount (0.02% per trade) until October 27!
  • KuCoin will add ETH markets on October 14
  • Kucoin will list WaltonChain (WTC) on October 16
  • KuCoin shares 90% of trading fees with the users
  • KuCoin keeps 10% of the trading bonus fee
  • KuCoin shares 40% to users who invite others to trade on KuCoin via their referral link (note: this is my referral link!)
  • KuCoin shares another 50% to users who hold KCS on KuCoin as a KuCoin Bonus! here are my earnings after 1 day of holding ~100 KCS

For example, user Bob holds 10000 KCS in his account on our exchange. In October the average volume of our entire exchange per day is 10000 BTC, according to our current fee rate, the trading fee we collect per day is 20 BTC. So this user will get 20 * 50% * (10000/100000000) = 0.001 BTC per day, 0.03 BTC per month!

  • Pro/TradingView was released today!
  • KuCoin only lists quality coins with teams they believe in. Currently listed:


  • KYC coming soon, it's a new exchange so everything is still rolling out!
  • You earn GAS for holding NEO on the exchange
  • Mobile App (iOS/Android) in November
  • Will be decentralized in the future with KCS as the fuel
  • Each quarter, KuCoin will buy-back KCS with 10% of profits until 100m KCS is destroyed

Development Plan and Timeline

Oct 2017, Global promotion started.
Nov 2017, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) released.
Dec 2017, Over 50 mainstream cryptocurrency exchange pairs listed, daily exchange volume expected 5,000+ BTC.
Jun 2018, Cryptocurrency exchange pair self-releasing feature available.
Dec 2018, 1,000+ cryptocurrencies list, daily exchange volume expected 100,000+ BTC.
Jun 2019, One of the Top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platforms.


Michael Gan (CEO)
Former technical expert of Ant Financial (Alibaba Group) with a good understanding of financial solutions similar to Alipay. He has successively held the posts of senior partner in several famous Internet companies like MikeCRM and Kf5.com, etc.

Eric Don (COO)
Senior Researcher of the Internet and Systems Architect. He has accumulated over 10 years of experiences in working and starting businesses in the Internet industry and successively held the posts of CTO and senior partner of famous IT companies including Youling, Fengzheng Lianxian and Ruiyun Wulian, etc.

Top Lan (CTO)
Technical expert of the Open Source Community and manager of several popular open source projects in github. He has accomplished the design and deployment of Kucoin financial trading system.

Kent Li (Operation Director)
Expert of operations development and successively held the posts of Operation Director and architect in several Internet companies. He is also the regional Operation Supervisor of the REAP project initiated by Stanford University in Asia.

John Li (President of the Business Operations Group)
President of Jianbang Communication and Project manager of famous domestic group-buying website. He is in charge of over 30 group-buying service centers around China with his main focus on consumer finance.

Jack Zhu (Marketing Director)
Operations Director of the southwestern market of iBOX PAY. He is in charge of a marketing team with over 300 employees.

Sign up!

^ This is my referral link! I appreciate anyone who signs up under me!
^ Here is a non-referral link if you don't want to give me credit for providing you with this information.

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