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RE: The Biggest Problem with The Blockchain

Hey @parker.hammer, totally. I was just explaining to a friend the other day that you can purchase ".00005" and that it's more flexible than fiat currency. People don't have to invest crazy amounts like day traders, but can put $10 here or there and ride the crypto wave as it rises.

Nice. I see the value in that.

One thing that brings up concern though are people who are selling investment strategies or offering investment advice. My guess is we'll start to see a large crackdown soon (at least in the US) of people who are doing this without an investment license.


I totally agree that's why it's not investment advice on my part I just want to help people get into the same position i'm in, I want to teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish.

I'm excited to be helping people learn how to use this tech

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