What is happening with the Cryptocurrency Market in 2018?

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The Crypto Market is evolving... and that's a good sign


This year the cryptocurrency market is becoming mature and that will have a driving effect on the trade in crypto coins...

The value of most cryptocurrencies has already dropped by more than 50 percent this year. But a lot of analysts certainly continue to see great benefits in this asset class.

In 2017 the cryptocurrency market was an "irrational" market, partly due to a lack of regulation and supervision. But the absence of real interest from institutional investors also caused an irrational situation.

The crypto market will mature in 2018 and then attract more investments. We can assume that there will be more regulation regarding cryptocurrencies, which will reduce the effects of market manipulation and volatility. Especially because less Wild West scenes will allow institutional investors to participate in cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

Regulation = Good?

The year 2018 has already seen a considerable momentum in the regulatory field. Regulators do not ban the development and launch of cryptocurrencies, but try to better regulate the market.


This will provide support for the industry that is focused on cryptos. If the attitude of regulators becomes clearer, large investors will get more certainty and be prepared to invest substantial amounts in the industry which will drive the prices... up... :-)

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I agree, this year institutional investor are looking into putting big money into crypto and getting scams out of the crypto markets like BITCONNECT xD. So hopefully more smart money enters the market so we will see a steady growth and a lot less panic sellers we saw this year so far.... the crash was horrible so far. :P

I think we are in recovery phase now bro :-) Happy times are back. Just made a deposit of 500 euros, will buy some more in the next few days...

Sorta xD I will believe that when we are several weeks in the green more than the red bears. Its tooo early to say if we are out of the bear trend but I hope you are right. Gonna buy another LTC shortly.

Hmm interesting news there. So possible regulation on them all can actually be good afterall huh? And by the prices being driven up is it the price to buy the coin or the value of the coin itself? If possible regulation comes in.

Both increase but I was specifically talking about the price of the coin, there is no specific added value to Bitcoin atm. It's the offer and demand of crypto that influence the prices (how much people are willing to spend on the coins.)

Oh I see both go up huh? Hey so this might not be half bad then if that is the case.

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