2 New Ways To Profit 📈 From Kexcoin - Real Estate Property Profit Opportunity And ICO (Cryptoverse)

On today's episode of The Cryptoverse:
What’s better than a way to profit from an opportunity? How about 3 ways to profit from an opportunity! And in that case you’ll be pleased to hear what’s just happened to the Kexcoin project.

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thats great.....thanks for ur video

Great vidoe,kexcoin sounds very promissing will have to check it out a bit more,thanks for sharing.

This looks great!!! I signed up for the news letter today and cannot wait for more info :p

Which crypto will we be using to buy into this ICO (since its on bitshares I assume that is the one that will be used to get in?). Just wanted to clarify as up to this point I have only participated in ETH based ICO's.

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Thanks, I totally missed that part when skimming the doc.

Very interesting. I like the new profit features. Now what happens at the very end of the project, 30 years from now. Once you burned all coins people wanna sell and distributed the bonus to the remaining holders, who is gonna buy if the project is over. Would the price drop drastically at this point? That's my only concern...

At the end of the project, we share the profits from the sale of the properties. That is the final payout. After that Kexcoin will have no value.

Thank you Chris for the clarification. If the final payout is not linked to kexcoin price, by the end of the project, you would have to choose between profit on value of the coin and profit from sale of the properties... Hope I understood that right.

We don't have to choose. The value of the coin only matters during each quarterly buy back. The final buy back will be 3 months before we sell the properties and then distribute the profits from the sale.

Oh ok. Makes sense. Thanks for responding. I'm definitely participating in the ICO. This is the first time I see such a project! ;-)

I cannot participate in the ICO Thanks to the SEC here in America. I so want to participate in the ICO for the 50% profit share. I love this Kexcoin.