What is the Reddit community saying about Crypto? Weekly update #6

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Every week I check what the Reddit Community is saying about crypto. I do this by scraping the comments of the daily discussion of the Cryptocurrency Reddit page (with over 690.000 readers) using Python. In total over 1.300 comments were placed on the 18th of June. I compare the comments with past weeks. Here are the results:

June (5th) Top 10June (14th) Top 10June (18th) Top 10
1. Bitcoin (125x)Bitcoin (97x)Bitcoin (112x)
2. Crypto (73x)Up (80x)Market (85x) ⇧
3. Market (68x)Market (77x)Up (81x) ⇩
4. Buy (62x)Buy (75x)Price (63x) ⇧
5. Money (47x)Crypto (74x)Down (63x) ♦
6. Blockchain (47x)Nano (55x)Money (53x) ⇧
7. Coin (46x)Ethereum (55x)Ethereum (50x)
8. Sell (38x)Price (50x)Sell (42x) ♦
9. IOTA (32x)Money (50x)Bull (35x) ♦
10. Nano (28x)Neo (41x)Coins (30x) ♦

The results

The table above shows the top 10 words used in the comments of the 18th of June and previous dates (5th and 14th of June). As we saw previous times the top 10 roughly remains the same. Once again, Bitcoin is the most mentioned word on the daily discussion (112x). New words in the top 10 are: Down (63x), Sell (42x), Bull (35x) and Coins (30x). Prices seems to have recovered a bit since the past weeks, but with the terms Down and Sell, perhaps the community is expecting a another down trend. But the term Up (81x) is once again often used, so perhaps the market will continue upwards. Ethereum (55x) is mentioned more the past weeks. Other currencies mentioned besides Bitcoin and Ethereum are: Neo (27x), Nano (19x) and Tether (14x). As the mainnet of EOS was launched the past week, this week EOS was mentioned less often. Other discussion terms mostly seem to concern trading/the market like: Volume (26x), Low (22x), Hold (22x), Projects (22x), Coin (21x) and Bear (20x).

Next week I will once again compare the results to previous findings and try to add context to the results. Until next week!


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