great article thanks!

Thank you!

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This is a great series, I told you I would get here man LOL.

I personally would love to see this series keep going, this is very good.

You are doing great man!

Haha thanks for remembering, glad to hear that you like it! I'll be continuing it over two weeks, that's the plan anyway.

Thanks, getting there slowly but surely!

Hmm, nice. Bought a bit of Navcoin, hadn’t even considered the PoS rewards. May have to figure out these things soon, how to setup the Raspberry Pi or whatever it is. Also quite curious what the PoS arrangement with Ether will be...

Good to hear! If you are staking coins I think a Raspberry Pi is a good call - they use significantly less energy than a computer does when staking coins. I am too, I can't imagine very big rewards but still, profit is profit. I'll be posting about Storj today, one of the most interesting and simple passive income methods in my opinion.

Very Nice post keep it up

I’ve been eyeing this coin for a while but it always loses my attention to another. I may invest simply because it seems like one of the stronger coins on page two of coinmarketcap evencif it won’t go very far on page one, I think it will likely get there.

It's a great coin in my opinion. I agree it is likely to reach page one, but don't see it as a top 20/30, I could be very wrong though!

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