DeepOnion news: the 40th airdrop is coming, what happens after this week?

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You've checked my latest post about deeponion state of the market. It seems like the ship is starting to sail already.

We just broke out the 26000 satoshis level with strong volume.

R/R still really interesting

Remember, this friday we'll have the last airdrop so watch closely, maybe there'll be one last dump to redistribute onions before we start raising again.

I really don't see it dropping below march lows.
One of the hardest things on crypto projects is to build a strong community and $ONION has proved to be great on that.

On the latest airdrop 295,014 ONIONs were distributed and we had 874 participants in the Friday airdrop, 18 less than previous week.

(stats by benezim)

The average airdrop was 338 ONIONs and 39% of the participants (343 wallets) received 100 ONIONs or more.

Usually I take trades where FA and TA talk to each other and agree.
Have you checked what is happening to DeepOnion after the end of the airdrops?

This is an exctract from Deeper's post on ONION main forum, one of the main devs.

  • New VoteCentral
  • New VIP Dominators & Airdrop Founders
  • New DeepVault Online Easy Verification Site
  • New OP in bitcointalk forum
  • New 5.0 website
  • New Fork and Stealth Addresses and several other developments
  • New DeepPoints system
  • Transparent Dev Fund, Bounty and DeepVault Fee wallets to be published
  • DeepOnion forums will be developed according to new tools
  • New DeepOnion Academy Videos for dominant teachers
  • Many new exchanges soon to list us
  • New SEM marketing strategy
    ...And so on

This is just the beggining...

there's also a halving coming on the 12th of july

Remember: you can trade onions on Kucoin.

Share the love if you can.
this is my $ONION wallet:

sleep well.

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Great times for DO, just saw your post over there at the forum :) so came here check it out and show my support :)