Word of Warning to Those Waiting for Bottom to Buy Crypto

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I want to cast your mind back to December 15th 2017, when I made a video sharing that I thought we were due for a large correction in the crypto market. Most of the comments left on this video were very negative, as many people thought we were heading for ever-higher prices. Well, you know what happened next.

It feels like we might potentially be in the reverse situation today. If you look at the comments on the video I made sharing that I've recently bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum, many of the comments on that video came from people who believe we still have much lower to go.

So I want to provide a word of warning to those who are still waiting to buy the bottom in crypto - be careful that you don't miss the boat entirely by waiting and waiting for prices that never arrive.

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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You are right, there is no way to know when the bottom is in. Fortunately, markets usually give more time at the bottom then they do at the top. Markets tend to give very little time to sell up high when they reverse.

The best thing to do is to scale in to whatever is desired. Buy some and then have some in case the market does head lower. It is also good to buy if the market confirms an upward move (like breaking through resistance).

Great suggestions...not advice just suggestions.

I agree as most turning points in financial markets are signaled by contrarian thoughts by people driven by emotion and the herd mentality to follow the trend. Also, when looking at cycles, most bottoms are signaled by despair after a large capitulation. While I am still unsure that this has been a capitulation as volumes have not broken new ground, we may be close to it for sure

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Where do you see steem going in time? Thanks

This is not financial advices but

gives financial advice


I really want to invest :D but I already invested everything I have. Hmm, I have $100 stored in my friend's Paypal, I could invest that too.

I agree, I picked up a little Steem two days ago. It wasn't allot but at 40 cents its hard to pass buying at least a little.

You are absolutely right yhat time to money invest in crypto. I also invest the money in crypto. Hopefully markit going up. And this money gives you many profit. Many peoples says crypto market going up in december. Waiting for good time. Thanks for sharing this informative video.

Fundamentals have not changed reason for investment?! This is the future of money and is not an instrument of debt most of the people who will be using bitcoin are probably not even born yet or at least not able to use the tech yet although babies are getting pretty good with Ipads and Iphones lol.

Just over £3000 pound to be in 21 million club shit a second hand car costs that and 100's of millions of those are produced every year and you won't still have it in 25 years time either.

The more despair in the market the more confident I am we will return to positive price action.