Does Long Consolidation Period HAVE to Happen Before Next Bull Run?

in cryptocurrency •  17 days ago

The widely held assumption among many in the cryptocurrency market is that after the bubble witnessed in 2017 and crash witnessed in 2018, some kind of long consolidation period is required before another bull run can begin.

But is that really the case? That's what we'll be discussing in today's video.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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This year will be boring.
The next year we will witness some fireworks! 💥

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after a long time of quiet we will see a big shout out

A lot of the cyclicality of Bitcoin has to do with block reward halvenings that occur every four years.

I’ve been investing in crypto currencies for about two years now and most days I’ll look at different peoples opinions some seem more intelligent than others and I’ve come to the conclusion nobody knows for sure, the only thing I would be sure of is crypto currencies are going to be around for a very long time to come. Thanks mike

I think we will see the beginning of a spectacular climb start in summer of 2020. Summer of 2020 will be like the spring of 2017. A generational change is coming politically. There's a very old saying "when Jupiter and Saturn meet, oh what a crop of mummy wheat".

I think the big variable that a lot of people aren't looking at is corporate activity.

Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, Goldman-Sachs, Amazon, etc, etc, etc.

None of these companies were looking at blockchain four years ago.
Crypto is a superior form of money.

It's only a matter of time before these companies are going all in so that they don't become irrelevant over the next 10 years. When will they pull the trigger? Who knows.

I think it will depend on the fundamentals building enough momentum to demonstrate to participants that demand is coming and that will lead to a herd mentality of buying again.

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I believe so... we have a whole year or two left til we see anything that long time bullish 😀

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This year is not good for crypto. Hopefully next year crypto market going up. Some peoples says big invester come and invest the big amount in crypto. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

Same history will be repeated before next bull run will come . Definalty this time who missed the chance he will be regarate for his whole life .

And he will think he missed a twice chance to buy BTC and good alts .

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