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Greetings Steemians! Another day in Cryptoland, and another day for some profits!   I was day trading ARK for awhile, and doing it quite succesfully as well. However I got tired of trading the same cryptocurrency, and took a week off to scope out the land, and see what I should day trade next. So began a week of research, which concluded with me deciding that WTC, aka, Walton Chain, would be the best to day trade for a few reasons

Binance Has Reduced Fees

Currently the only exchange to trade WTC on is Binance. Binance currently has a proprietary cryptocurrency called BNB. The neat thing about BNB is that you can use it to reduce exchange fees which we all love right? Well by using BNB, you reduce the exchange fees from 0.10% to 0.050% which is great! It means that for each trade you do, the margin of value change needed to make a profit when factoring in exchange fees is reduced! This has lead to me being able to make more trade mores frequently, and increase my profit margins.

WTC Has A Good Feature Ahead

Not too long ago it was announced that  a VP from Samsung is joining the WTC team!WTC is also poised to take hold on 3 renowned Korean Exchange, as well as 3 western exchanges! They are currently undergoing the needed negotiations to accomplish this (src: Click Here

There is huge potential from WTC in the road ahead, and with it starting out similar to ANS, it could be a very profitable investment and trading cryptocurrency

WTC has now been listed on Etherdelta so that's one additional exchange it has been listed on!

Useful Links

This particular reddit thread has a VERY detailed and thorough summary of the last week with Walton (src: Click Here)

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And remember this is not financial advice, nor will I ever offer financial advice. The coins I report on, are ones that I am invested in, or think are worth knowing about.

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Hey nice post. Good to see word getting out about WTC, I personally have great hopes for it and believe it to be a very solid project. Its on 2 exchanges btw, Etherdelta as well as Binance 🚀 Upvoted and followed


Oh wow I didn't realize it was on Etherdelta! I'll update the post thank you for mentioning that!
I was initially quite hesitant about making an investment into WTC as it sort of popped out of nowhere and there wasn't much information but after reading about the Samsung VP, and then reading their website it seemed like it would be a wise investment.


I think it popped out of nowhere in the west, mainly because the team don't have a full time english speaking market manager on board yet but I do believe they are working on this and becoming more transparent. They actually already have more corporate partners onboard than NEO and OMG combined. I believe WTC is an excellent project that appears to have gone under most investors radars but not for long, word is getting out 🚀