The Coming Alt Coin Blood Bath

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This is what Jack Spirko was discussing yesterday, the alts are not all going to die and go away but a major correction is coming it in fact has already started.

I am not saying bail out of everything, I am saying if you have profits in some of the lower tier alts, this is a good time to consider taking them, last week was a better time. You can draw your own conclusions on this but those of you that know me, know I always tell you what I am doing and why in this space.

I am all for buying low priced stuff with a strategy, I do it often, this is not time to buy it is time to get things on your watch list and have capital available when the time is right.


Totally taking this advice :) ....though I still haven’t convinced the husband. Good thing I have means to make my own “mad money” haha

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LOVED the Don't tread on me logo!!!! well I have been fearing that some
investments of mine would go nowhere but I have seen in 2017 been very successful for some alt coins out there, how soon would you say that Alts will drop? thanks for sharing

Also, this is my profile image linked:

Just wish Steemit would allow GIF profile pics!

No one can time a market. Hell, the US Stock Market is in a bubble, but it ALSO might go to 40K before it pops. The saying is "The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent"

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