King Crypto Coin #1 - 4 Letters, D-A-T-A (DTA)

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

First of my King Crypto Coins I will post from time to time. These are rare and have a extremely high potential of going to the moon. (10-100x)

DATA ($DTA) is about to decentralize advertising online and prevent ad fraud such as ad bots that cost advertisers billions of dollars.

I got in at $0.023 and it is currently in the $0.045 and don’t think it’s going to stop going up anytime soon.

They are partnered with Google’s AdMob, Facebook Audience and many more. They also have an All Star-like lineup of investors and advisors as well (see below).

The Problem


The Solution


The Technology


The All Star Lineup


$DTA on

*I am not a financial advisor.

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Hey man, are you sure it is on Can't find it. There's streemr data and measurable data, but those are not dta. Just checking


It's only on my bad.

Awesome that you got in at $0.023. Wish I knew about DTA sooner.


Yep, but I wish I got in at $0.01 =[

Very strong team, and fantastic concept. Dig that crazy webpage with all that webbing that attracts to the cursor (lol, i'm easily distracted).