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Now I begin a new series of posts about a cloudy mining to be exact the services providing this service. Itself personally I participate in these projects more than a year therefore I want to write about them. Let's begin with Aliencloud...
For those who want to join business on a cryptocurrency mining, but do not wish to deal with the noise and heating caused the equipment and also its servicing, the cloudy mining will approach.
It is the best opportunity to take advantages of production of cryptocurrency, without installation of necessary devices, allowing to save time, money and space.

The client only needs to get a cloudy hash from the supplier and to pay daily or monthly payments for use of the server. In the market there is a great number of suppliers of the cloud computing offering full range of services.

AlienCloud is one of them, combining not only the online platform for a cloudy mining, but also the protected cryptopurse and the exchange of cryptocurrencies, allowing clients to get, store, exchange and remove cryptocurrency.
The hardware is heart of a cloudy mining. Because of safety reasons suppliers of cloudy services never disclose exact location of farms, for protection of the equipment against damages and thefts.
Registration is very simple, for a start it is necessary to enter registration data (the login, the password, e-mail) then the message containing the reference about registration confirmation will come to the specified address.

After its activation the private office where it is possible to buy capacities will open. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the respective field "Buy Capacities", then to choose cryptocurrency which the user wants to maynit, and the number of capacities.

For a start it is necessary to get at least two powers, for receiving stable income. Having noted all necessary fields, it is necessary to press "To pass for payment". After that in a private office of the user there will be bought computing capacities.

The concluded contract with AlienCloud has unlimited term and is available to users worldwide.

Distinctive feature of service is the full safety of the enclosed finance. Buying the mayningovy hardware, clients can sell it at any time and return the money. The sum of a contribution is displayed on personal account in a private office.

One more pleasant bonus – if the user chose a certain currency for production, but it depreciated, it everything also does not lose the means. In a private office it is possible to buy capacities of other cryptocurrency and to continue to get profit on a mining.

The cost and algorithms of contracts on the AlienCloud service
The prices of contracts of a cloudy mining (for March, 2018) are the best offer in the market, and use the following algorithms:

Bitcoin — $37 for 100 GH/s, an algorithm – SHA-256, a tariff – $0.03 for 100 GH/s a day.
Litecoin — $11 for 1 MH/s, an algorithm – Scrypt, a tariff – $0.01 for 1 MH/s a day.
Ethereum — $25 for 1 MH/s, an algorithm – Ethash, a tariff – $0.02 for 1 MH/s a day.
Zcash — $15 for 10 H/s, an algorithm – Equilhash, a tariff – $0.02 for 10 H/s a day.
DASH — $1.35 for 10 MH/s, an algorithm – X11, a tariff – $0.00 for 10 H/s a day.
Monero — $8 for 10 H/s, an algorithm – CryptoNight, a tariff – $0.01 for 10 H/s a day.
BTCach — $44 for 100 GH/s, an algorithm – SHA-256, a tariff – $0.03 for 100 GH/s a day.
ETClassic — $25 for 1 MH/s, an algorithm – Ethash, a tariff – $0.02 for 1 MH/s a day.
Advantages and shortcomings of AlienCloud

As well as the majority of cloudy mining, service has the pluses and minuses.

The main advantages of service are:

Fast and reliable work of service of technical support.
The professional mayningovy farms equipped with the powerful equipment for trouble-free operation.
Instant activation of a mining of the chosen cryptocurrency after confirmation of purchase of capacities.
Stable work with use of the personal computer, laptop and even mobile phones and tablets.
Termless contact.
Absence of the hidden commissions and payments.
Cloudy purse for storage and exchange of cryptocurrency.
Favorable prices of use of services.
Safety of invested funds, even at crash of the chosen cryptocurrency.
Own system for creation of indexes of cryptocurrency of TEOCOIN.
Service does strong business with the large companies, specializing in cryptocurrency – Nanopool, Tab-trader, Finom.
The service charges cover all expenses, including services of the server, a payment for the electric power and cooling systems and also servicing.
Instant withdrawal of funds, right after the address.
Despite merits, AlienCloud have also several shortcomings. The main of them – the cheap domain and the weak referral multilevel program.

Clients receive two percent from a referral of the first and second level, and one percent from referrals of the third and fourth level.

The AlienCloud service also does not offer any bonuses for registration, in difference from other popular cloudy mining. Annulment of the contract is considered an essential shortcoming, at absence on the customer account of enough money, for a covering of the charged fee.

Reviews of a cloudy mining of AlienCloud

It is a relatively young resource, and so far comments on him are not enough. Service collected the presents and potential users in many social networks where there is a discussion not only works of a cloudy mining, but also the market of cryptocurrencies in general.

Users report about stable work of service, the pleasant interface and almost uninterrupted withdrawal of funds. At the slightest malfunctions technical support tries to solve quickly them, and always stays in touch. Also there are consultants for English-speaking clients.

Among negative responses about the server it was succeeded to find only complaints to low payback of the project and also lack of bonuses for registration.

Participation in a cloudy mining – an excellent way to earn additional income and to receive cryptocurrency. However potential clients have to pay attention to the choice of provider as on the Internet there are a lot of swindlers.

The AlienCloud service is the checked cloudy server for production of cryptocurrency, allows to conclude contracts for unlimited term, to store means in a purse or to exchange them at the exchange.

********Yes, the cloudy mining will not bring you in a week one million, the patience is necessary here. To whom interestingly follow me. Lower I leave the reference for registration. All thanks.


Muy clara esta publicaciòn, aparte del anuncio del proyecto se señalan las ventajas y desventajas que el mismo presenta. Se nota que esta diseñado para que logre establecerse en el mercado, cuenta con insentivos y principalmente con facilidades para la obtenciòn del servidor . Muy interesante para la minerìa de criptomonedas contar con las herramientas que faciliten la actividad en el mercado.

Hi krutilla! Thanks for sharing!

I myself have invested some money into Genesis mining (cloud mining) some time ago.

In retrospect I would say I didn't lose to much money but to beat the performance of buying the crypto assets you could cloud mine is kind of hard to say the least. Miners have to try to outperform the assets that they are mining or speculate on price action in the future. Since speculation is risky for cloud miners they transfer those risks almost completely on to their customers. To pay the bills they constantly have to sell the coin they mine (spot). Usually when large gaps (mining cost / price movement) happen they get into trouble fast... and when they do their customers do. To lower their risks you'll find that the pricing models and payouts and contract details push the risk to the cloud mining customers. Just try to backtest a little investment into a cloud mining service vs. buying crypto assets in the market with pricing models from your favored cloud mining service. Maybe you'll be surprised.

If you're interested take a look at my article I've posted in in that matter.

Also... I did not take into account possible additional money one could make with referrals. In that regard I'm always a bit torn. Sure if you get a lot of people into something that you believe in that's fine. But some of those will always make you responsible for the outcome of their investments. If things go great and they make a boat load of money your'e gonna get guru status (:-)) but if not... you know what I am getting at, right? So again thanks for sharing and STEEM ON fellow Steemian!

Thanks. Yes you of course are right. And I believe that the prices for cryptocurrency will grow and will only grow. Everything will be connected with it soon, you can see it and now) Thanks.

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Well I sure hope that you’re right and flat out I believe so too. But if it is true what we believe then getting a higher profit out of a cloud mining contract vs. buying and HODLing the coins you want to mine is nearly impossible, right? Anyway fingers crossed for your endeavors!

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