Times have changed!

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So I just went to a hardcore show and standing in line i hear this dude in front of me say: „alternative form of government using blockchain...“

This is the third time I am living thru the crash after a bitcoin bubble. What really strikes though is how much cryptocurrency have transcended into society.

Of course in fields like gambling or the financial industry this makes sense, but even in normal portion of society, like in this case a very alternitve music genre, people are talking about it.

This is huge.

What are changes you have been noticing in this crash vs previous ones?

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This is the first crash I'm part of so can't compare, but will say that people were making cracks at me as the market started crashing and now they are starting to ask me more questions about getting involved. This to me is a very good sign.

Side note think I have a car sold for crypto. It's just a beater and not huge money, but it's cool to think I can do this.


Wow that is amazing!


I'm really hoping this happens on Sunday so I can do a post about it. Will be $6-800 USD and will put it all into steem to power up my account.


That's very interesting indeed!

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Car for crypto. A agree with @knircky that this is wonderul. Some guy who needed a car had crypto and you accepted it.

One of the changes I see is that many people accept it as a correction without panicking too much.

They are also much more educated than before!

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I feel like this time development and use cases are moving in hyper speed compared to 2014. Like today I found the new Partiko app for Steem and loving it!

As for what people are saying... Almost anyone that knows much about this space are super bullish longterm. In 2014 a lot people questioning if Crypto would hold any value at all. Today we have the NYSE ICE launching Crypto exchange.

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Never said it won’t come back. But you will not see any “real pumps” in altcoins until they start showing some “real world use”. If people were lucky enough to ride that “speculation wave of 2017 ,, good for them,, That window of opportunity is long gone. The truth is ,, the lending phenomena is what brought all that action into the market last year and people started dabbling into the alts, Then the “shit hit the fan”. And a lot of people got burned and lt left a bad taste in their mouths. I don’t think we are going to see a 10k bitcoin the rest of this year. I do believe crypto is the future for sure!! But don’t expect a bull run like we saw last year. It’s going to to be slow gradual growth and there isn’t anything wrong with that, If people are looking at crypto for a “get rich quick scheme”. they better look elsewhere because that window is closed. Is this a great time to invest with these prices?? Of course it is. But be prepared to hold on for the long run .

This is my 2nd time fully involved and watching it from up close

While do really have to say that panic movements kind of seem to get away in much lower level and emotional decision taking has wear off :)

While have not seen / witness for anything like that yet but yeah things are getting paced up in our society that is for sure.

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I have known and had cryptocurrency since 2013, so i've seen a few crashes. It's impossible to predict the future, but the biggest difference from then to now is the adoption. It keeps growing and getting used by more people, so my guess is that it will recover.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news - Markets continue to get savaged, Saudi comes down on Bitcoin, USD is a scam, fiat is a scam, Bitmain Cash dramas, and Nebulas.

This market is unpredictable and you never which side it can start going. It's right that this year it hasn't shown the higher price till now but I still hope for it to go all time high sooner or later.

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This is also first crash for me so I don't know what happen in previous crash. Now BTC price is increasing so I wrote in your previous post is right. I hope it will rise more.

I think that this time there is previous history to fall back on. The first time that everything fell people thought the game was up and that all their profits had been lost. Some people stuck it out but probably because they could afford to take the hit or really believed in crypto.

This time there is history to fall back on as well as a lot more money backing the system and a belief in the future. So i think that the main difference now is that the same level of fear hasn't permeated the investors. While the mainstream media is spreading fud in all corners the people who are involved are actually just saying to hold and watch for the upswing.

A big difference is the media coverage. After the All time Highs of december even the big news paper are writing about this crash and talk about of the decline of bitcoin ( often in connection with the ETF rejection) and other cryptos. So there is quite a bad spirit.
As mentioned on previous comments in the crypto/Blockchain community there is not such a bad mood and panicking. The market crash was bad for the price but the fundamentals like the technology and the adaption are get improved very fast.

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The 2014 /2018 graph are almost an exact trace. Keep averaging down .

Well, the fall in general has put many in my country to think, however we have a terrible inflation, so if you make changes from your crypts to local currency would not be losing really, because the dollar is very quoted. And with respect to cryptocurrencies, I still believe that they are the future, you just need to give them a little more shape, and increase certain security criteria. But I tell you that the president of this country now wanted to place the salary to be governed by a cryptocurrency called "Petro", but this is not repensable, since it is not commercial ... Greetings! Returning to Steemit, I was very full

I think that it is intersting that there are more governments that are looking to implement blockchain for one use or another. I think that the average investor is getting smarter and more comfortable with idea that crypto is a reflection of the will of the people instead of tethered to a tangible commodity. This fact I think makes it more exciting to young people that are more used to things existing online instead of offline. There are so many games that use in game currencies that it is almost second nature for people used to existing in that space. In fact that is how I describe crypto to some people: it is the in game currency of the space they are in. It helps to make the leap for some. This crash has helped to make people stop and understand more now that they can’t chase after that quick score and has lead to more hodling and thinking. I think this has been a good, maturing opportunity for those of is involved and will make us better equipped for the next big bull run. Thanks as always for a great, thoughtful question @knircky!

The only real change I noticed is online were as you mentioned crypto is being used for gambling purposes. I have been trying to educate those around me about crypto and get some interesting responses and some asking how to invest.

I’ve been in it since nearly the beginning...so through all the booms and busts so far.

One thing that’s different this time is we can see bigger money shifting around...and hardly any “Bitcoin is dead 💀” talk.

To be honest when I started in this world I was desperate, I felt that I did not have the necessary patience but little by little, thanks to many people who know a lot about cryptocurrencies I have been able to include myself in the best way.

Today I can say that I have patience hahaha this market is extremely unpredictable

It is a very good question sir.
The cryptocurrency should be under the previlege under the government. Due to this the black money is transferred easily.