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Community Driven coin or token is a concept that is very popular with the community today. This concept gives the true meaning of a decentralized Blockchain by giving everyone to be able to take a role in the development of the coin itself, Fully Community-Driven. One of the unique examples is Doge Coin, which is the current favorite alternative, or Pepe Coin, which takes the meme concept deeper. It is undeniable that the strength of the community is very strong and sometimes when it was first created just for fun it can change market conditions into new trends, 100xCoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that is completely community driven and was developed by one of the leading Crypto Influencers in cryptocurrency Space, Creating a new Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem that fully community driven.

What is 100xCoin?

100xCoin is a new system developed by Ken The Crypto, one of the leading Crypto Influencers. Ken created a new unique system that gives a new currency to the crypto space, Fully Community-Driven by adopting a new system that is carried via memes but with a very powerful real use case. The adoption of a unique sophisticated algorithm with the support of a very large and solid community creates a new currency that is very unique and has never existed before. Ken and his team designed a new currency that adopts the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain technology, ensuring transparency with a new and more powerful framework, Beside that they was ensuring long-term planning by making an new and unique cryptocurrency for everyone.

100xCoin is completely Community driven, listening to every suggestion from holders with a combination of DeFi & Governance in one ecosystem provides a clear roadmap to give everyone the opportunity to profit up to 100X their coin holdings through a currency designed to continue to grow in the long term. Tokenomics' long-term planning for marketing and development Wallets is 1.5%, 2% auto-generated liquidity, and 3.5% burning to increase the scarcity of each transaction which on the system provides a deflationary concept and keeps its value stable. 100xCoin Launched to creating an new unique system in the current altcoins bullish run, By making an Community driven ecosystem through their currency, 100x will attracts every small to large investors and making new unique Community-driven Ecosystem.

Audited Smart Contract

The 100xCoin Development Team ensures that smart contracts function properly by ensuring transparency through audits by a trusted 3rd party, namely Techrate, Various runs have been carried out to see bugs in the smart contract, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Not only in terms of smart contracts, this audit also includes the health of token holders who ensure complete transparency of 100xCoin. For more details and depth research for this audit you can see it on their official website here; https://www.100xcoin.io/

Cryptocurrency Market Growth

Options for using digital payments continue to increase every year with various currencies that continue to emerge, Various experiments for the application of Blockchain in various sectors are also being carried out and one of them is introducing a new financial system that is more effective or an alternative investment option. Not only serious things, but various currencies are also big through memes such as Doge or Pepe Coin which introduces a new, powerful system that creates a new digital art trend for everyone where now everyone can contribute and the community holds the main key to currency development itself, not only as a meme but as a powerful new payment form. Currently, the Crypto Market has touched more than $ 2 Trillion and will continue to grow as time goes by, 100xCoin is one of the most potential currencies which is completely community driven.


100xCoin introduces us to an ecosystem that maximizes the potential of Blockchain with the combination of the strength of Meme and a solid community, a unique ecosystem that ensures transparency for its users and the deflationary system implemented at 100xCoin ensures a stable and preserved value. Their smart contracts are designed with various trials & errors that provide security for their users and have gone through a rigorous audit process. An important factor in the development of any currency outside of the current community and 100xCoin is very potential, supported by a very strong community, so I think there is nothing wrong with joining the 100xCoin community with very good long-term potential!

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Website: https://www.100xcoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://100xcoin.gitbook.io/100xcoin/

Authored By Pedobear a.k.a Dhemas putra/dhemasm(Bitcointalk)



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