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A space of opportunity

Good morning, afternoon, or evening everyone! I was doing some thinking about the state of the world and cryptocurrencies last night. This is a space full of amazing innovations and great people everywhere forming a strong movement to change the world. Unfortunately most of the posts that I see in many forms and websites go something like this. "When am I going to moon and lambo," "how to I get to make more monies," etc. I think many people in the cryptocurrency space might need to learn to give a little bit more. Learning to be generous and provide value to other people is one of the greatest skills you can have!

The blockchain and cryptocurrency movement can allow for the greatest human collaborations history has ever seen. There is so much money floating around and being made, as well as room for world changing innovations! All of us need to work together to help each other out, find wealth, educate each other, and make the world the place we want it to be! I've been working on some ways to get this started and hopefully together we can accomplish a lot of good and change the world for the better.



The name for my project right now is called CryptoGrace. I want this to start as a community for helping each other. Not just on the Steemit platform, but hopefully for the cryptocurrency movement as a whole! I'll share my mission for the project here, but keep in mind that it's still very early and subject to change! CryptoGrace is a community and organization based around the cryptocurrency movement and block chain technology. The goal is to help each other and others in the cryptocurrency space as well as those outside of it. I have created a list below for some of my potential ideas and what I would like to see come out of this community!

  • Community events - (Making connections, friends, learning new things, etc [Discord, online, etc])
  • World charity events - (Helping the poor, blockchain education, adoption plans, etc)
  • Community Aide - (Everyone goes through hard times, we can all help each other out!)
  • Cryptocurrency Grace Fund - (Potentially use donations to run world events, fuel cryptocurrency adoption, invest in innovative blockchain/crypto startups, etc)
  • Education Initiative - Provide education for cryptocurrency adoption, benefits of the technology, and marketing innovations occurring in the field.

We need to take actions into our own hands if we want this space to be as great as it possibly can be. I'm hoping this project can be a start of that for myself and you guys. I wanted to create this post to start a dialogue with everyone about what we can do. I'm sure there are some great ideas out there floating around that we just need to put together. It's our duty to make the world the place we want it to be, and I can't wait to work with you guys to do just that. I would love to hear your ideas about this project in the comments section on this post, or you can join our new discord. Come on in and say hi, I cant wait to see all of your ideas!

Join the CryptoGrace Discord Server

If you need a new link to join discord then just let me know in a comment!

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The possibilities are endless for those with passion and love in their hearts. Nice one @kennynneken

and just like that..... ;)

hehehehehe fantastic!!!! i'm the third member yayyyyy :)

edit.... well. hm. that was supposed to go through right after i joined - and then this evening... i come back here to do a little something special heheheheh and there is my comment! unsent! bah!

you are the second to be dreemied :) Amazing post, @kennynneken :)


Awwww thank you very much @dreemsteem :)