Does Terra Classic (LUNC) have a future... | Terra Classic(LUNC)に、将来性はあるのか...

in #cryptocurrency2 months ago

私は、暗号通貨のTerra Classic(LUNC)は買ったことがないのですがこの暗号通貨は業界に凄い悪影響を起こしてこの暗号通貨に投資していた人は、大損したりしたかもしれないのですが個人的には将来性はなさそうなのですが将来的にはコレクションとして凄い価値になる可能性もあり得なくはないと思いますが購入するのはやめて暗号通貨の蛇口サイトで無料でもらった方が良いです。

I have never bought the cryptocurrency Terra Classic (LUNC), but this cryptocurrency has caused a great deal of negative impact on the industry and those who have invested in this cryptocurrency may have lost a lot of money, but personally I don't see a future for it, although it is possible that it could become a great value in the future as a collection, but it is better not to buy and get free from the cryptocurrency faucet site.

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