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RE: Anti-FUD: Why Your Cryptocurrency Hodling Is Going To Explode!!!

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Well, this is nice to hear! I know you're not supposed to ache at the dips but... I ache nonetheless!

What do I most need to understand about the tokenization aspect to be ahead of the game? Purely understanding crypto was incredibly uphill for me, although I did master that to the degree necessary.

But how do we get in at the ground floor of the token rush? Should we be trying to get our own tokens running? Do you have a post or a resource I could look at?

Thanks for the post of hope!


I think getting involved with quality projects is important. I love STEEM because it is a blockchain with a ton of development. That means we are going to see applications that really excite people. Just look at the frenzy Steemmonsters is causing.

It is only going to take a few tokens to alter ones life. I focus upon 3 or 4 that I am accumulating with another few that I just HODL like BTC, ETH, and LTC. I am not adding to those but not selling either.