Taking The Stage With The Royal Commission

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We can start the week now.

Straight through you fucking heart banks, thank you Royal Commissioner Hayne, my new best friend.

Do pardon the act, ale and ether your honor, once a musician, always a musician.

If only these corporate crooks, had to use some sort of fully transparent, yet client side pseudo-anonymous immutable ledger type technology, better yet Royal Commission, what if we didn't need them at all, what if Commissioners, they went back to being, what they were designed to be, a safe place to store funds, a Bank, safe storage of funds, instead of everything else that came after in their evolution?

I don't much follow Australian Politics, my world is digital, nation state and corporate bickering are irrelevant to me, but read your report on the way home, and i agree with almost all of it.

So i put it to the Royal Commission, me and my kind may be considered "outsiders, anti-establishment and disruptive forces" but if you look at the core, of why we even exist in the first place, all of us in the crypto-space, despite the fact you can't and wont control us, which i appreciate is an issue for you, do we not have 90% in common and only 10% in difference, on the topic of banking and financial services corruption?

The only thing you lot need to understand, is as much as you try, you will never, control or regulate crypto-currency, in the way you want it.

You just need to accept that and let the technology run its course, just as you all did the internet, when that was the last great threat to your national security.

Why not you ask?

Because, our core ideology, is not to be controlled, so while i appreciate there are a myriad of ways you could, co-opt and control Bitcoin, and the alt-markets, whats critical for you to understand, is that from me, retail investor and crypto-enthusiast, right up to million investor and crypto-enthusiast, to the secret billionaire wall street trader playing in our space, to the alllllll the alt coin investors.

The one thing, we agree on, is we dont want government oversight.

To any royal commission investigators who truly and i mean truly, get at the core, of the banking sector and the economics of nations over the past 100 years, it is quite obvious that the reason we exist, is actually a natural response in a technological age.

We are either 1 of 2 things, the red flag, that makes you fix it, or the red flag, that brings it all down (to use a nautical phrase)

All that would happen, if you assume control, somehow, is that we shift, the code changes, the tech changes, this has literally been the way of things since the inception of the cypherpunk movement.

Now i for one, DON'T see a world devoid of national currency and i for one DON'T want to a see a world of total P2P digital currency, that latter, would cause social economic collapse, i think an equal balance, is actually, the best option and i think in all reality, what will take place.

And, if you want to talk about regulation, P2P currency, such as Bitcoin, or whatever decentralized technology people wish to use, is the equalizer, because if such thing exists, develops, grows and prospers, the PEOPLE THEMSELVES, have an equalizer, to corrupt or self interest motivated government and private sector.

Me & My Friends, were the good guys, you have flagged as the bad guy's but if you actually dive into it, and look at why we exist at all you will realize, very quickly, were on the same team, you launch investigations and regulations, we just cut out the middle man entirely and set the groundwork for a type 1 economy (Kardashev Scale)

Oh and i enjoy tobacco, wine, music, smart cute blondes and pirate games...

Speaking of which....


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