2019 Crypto BULL MARKET? - The Possibilities Are ENDLESS!

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the outlook for the cryptocurrency market in 2019 as we enter a new year ready to watch the incredible innovations on currency and blockchain technology take flight!

As the stock market tanks and fiat currencies around the world fail, as major websites beg the question "Is there a blockchain alternative?" there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure will replace much of what we use on a daily basis. Will there be a bull market in 2019? There's no saying, but the climate is perfect for a major rally, and not just from a speculation perspective but from a market growth perspective as far as decentralized technology goes.

As Venezuela abandons their hyperinflated Bolivar and ignores government demands, they are bartering on the free market and using competing currencies, most popularly Dash. Argentina will likely face the same situation soon and that goes across political lines. The alternatives to governments and banks are here and regardless of political ideologies, people are using blockchain infrastructure to replace the old guard either way.

In this video we talk about our top crypto picks for 2019, our favorite blockchain based websites/social media networks and where value comes from in money.

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