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Hey Steemians! 👋

The crypto bulls are officially back in town, and Bitcoin (BTC) (+35%) is leading the charge! 🚀

History tells me that we should expect a massive altcoin rally to follow, so you won't wanna miss out on my Top 3 Altcoin Investments for 2019 and beyond! 💰

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Top Stories This Week

Binance was hacked this week for 7,000 BTC (~$56M USD at the time of writing). To make matters worse, Binance proposed a rollback on the Bitcoin (BTC) chain to "undo" the hack, which seemingly caused more damage to Binance's reputation than the hack itself. What we currently know: A) Bitcoin is not being rolled back, B) Binance does have enough cash reserves to cover for the loss, and C) Binance will be re-opening withdrawals from the exchange later today. 😲

Consensus 2019 / Blockchain Week has officially started in New York City! Follow all of the action LIVE via Periscope. 📹

Microsoft is launching a decentralized identity tool called Ion directly on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. 🆔

Bakkt's much-anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) futures markets are slated to arrive this summer! ☀️

Bitfinex has allegedly raised $1B USD for its initial enterprise offering (IEO) via private placements. 🤯

Starbucks is actively working on a blockchain-based coffee-tracking system. ☕

Bitcoin (BTC) may be added to PayPal and Ebay sooner than you think.

New York residents can now buy Ripple (XRP) using the Coinbase app. 💸

Ethereum (ETH) transaction volumes are at all-time highs. 📈

Litecoin (LTC) core version 0.17.1 has been released and will enable LTC users to send even faster / more cost-efficient payments! 🚀

Nym Technologies has raised $2.5M USD in a private token sale to help anonymize crypto apps. 💰

Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, digs Bitcoin and blockchain tech. 👍

That's it for this week! Looks like we survived the bear market of 2018, BTC is back on the rise, and altcoins are soon to follow. 😊

I'll be back next week with all of the important news and announcements coming out of Blockchain Week / Consensus 2019! 📣


- Jon Cursi & the Cheddur Team ✌️

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