Lawyer Cat v Startup Cat

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago


Are you more of a Lawyer Cat, or a Startup Cat? It is probably best to understand both sides of the fence. And even operate on both sides too.

The Cryptocreative Symposium at Creative Tech Week in New York City this summer was a very prolific time for me. The event was excellent and I pretty much drew, listened, and talked with people the entire time. One of my favorite pieces that I created from that period was this comic. It is a satirical representation of two polarizing positions:

  1. Don't mess with the law or you will suffer.
  2. Commerce is supreme, and laws will eventually bend to productive business demands.

I have seen both things to be true in my experience, which is why I have great respect, and am friends with both Lawyer Cat as well as Startup Cat.

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Hi joe, I saw your post on Trybe. Are you on Discord?