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RE: Steem vs USD. We are on our way to .85/USD! This could be the chance everyone has been waiting on to get some significant SP.

So much info to gain from this post...
But the fact that your being plain bout this info makes it worth trying out...

"I've been trading now for nearly 40 years, but this is just my personal opinion and should not be taken as financial advise!"

Thanks for being truthful ...
Life is all about taking reasonable risk and my guess is that steemit is an interesting risk one can take


Thanks brother for the kind words.

We'll see what happens. I expect it to continue to drop yet today we are seeing a nice change to the north.

Be patient one way or the other and as you say do not risk an unreasonable amount.

Thanks for the advice sir,
Am really missing your "thoughts for the day" post though

I am too, I am in prayer on this to ensure my message is His message.