A Poker Room ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - From Russia with Love?

Being a poker player, this ICO caught my attention.

It is Cash Poker Pro (Coin Symbol: CASH).

According to their website...

"Cash Poker Pro is a platform that will change the world of poker. Cash Poker Pro is a modern poker room with a network structure and a mechanism for fast and confidential money transfers based on the blockchain technology."

I have not seen any mainstream reviews on this ICO, but I found their ICO pricing structure very interesting, and could pay off nicely - IF THE PRICE HOLDS UP after this crypto becomes available on exchanges.

They are based out of Russia - not sure if that matters one way or another.

Their maximum quantity of tokens will be 100-Million CASH.

Of the 100-Million CASH, 22-Million will be reserved for the Cash Poker Team and their Partners. And 10-Million will be reserved for "bounty, mining and legal procedures."

Their ICO (PRE-SALE / Stage 1) is offering 8-Million CASH, which began yesterday (August 26, 2017) and will end on September 8, 2017 (I'm guessing that date could be sooner, if the initial 8-Million CASH are purchased before September 8th).

After the first 24 hours or so of their pre-sale, about 135 investors have purchased about 2,360,000 of 8,000,000 CASH available in the pre-sale.

The current pre-sale price is 0.00017 ETH (between 5 and 6 cents per token, at current ETH value).

Then, the official ICO begins on October 26, 2017, with an ICO price of 0.00135 ETH (about 46 cents per 1 CASH).

After that, there will be 5 price increases....

By November 14, 2017, the price will be .00175 ETH (About 59 cents per 1 CASH).

Finally, after November 18, 2017, the price will be 0.0034 ETH (About $1.15 per 1 CASH).

If the 0.0034 ETH (USD $1.15) price holds up as the base/minimum price, that implies a 20-fold increase after about 3 months.

Their website is: https://cashpokerpro.io/

Their pricing schedule is here: https://cashpokerpro.io/res/CASH%20_token_distribution.pdf

Their White Paper is here: https://cashpokerpro.io/whitepaper.pdf

DISCLAIMER: This is not investment advice! I have not seen any reviews on this ICO. It only caught my attention, because I am a big fan of poker. You should do your own research to determine if this is an appropriate ICO for you. To me, the pricing looks attractive, but I wouldn't go all in. IT COULD BE A "RISKY BET!"

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