23 Skidoo - The Cryptocurrency YOU CAN'T AFFORD!

last month
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Looking over a ton of cryptos in the coinmarketcap.com website, around position #679, I came across this little beauty... 23 SKIDOO (Symbol: CHAO)

Today, you can buy one 23 SKIDOO for a mere $71,051.50

And you gotta love their current Circulating Supply.... 0.25257293 CHAO

They've even got a website. Or at least a single HTML page:


A little strange, if you ask me.

But I think I'm gonna buy one!

It's only about 28 BTC.

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  ·  last month

very esoteric !

  ·  last month

Seems like a real Pump and Dump coin, great if that's what you're into! Kinda like 42 coin https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/42-coin/

  ·  last month

I wonder what would happen if someone actually did buy one, would be an interesting experiment

  ·  last month

I'll kick in 50 bucks. Or how many satoshis is that?