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Top Crypto Events Planned for Tomorrow

1 - Waves (WAVES): Smart Contracts Launch

Smart Contracts are coming to #Waves MainNet in a week, on 10 September!

2 - High Performance Blockchain (HPB): Wallet Launch

"HPB Wallet launch & manual."
The new wallet will include an instruction manual that token holders need to follow to facilitate the token swap. The wallet will automatically facilitate the token swap.

3 - Veros (VRS): Mainnet Launch

The launch of the Internal Network #VEROS platform and the connection to the #Ethereum Network | September 10, 2018.

Some World Crypto News

1- As we knowSouth Korea is leading the crypto. Now its official gone one step forward, Their Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) has proposed a greater international cooperation between regulators for crypto and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) regulation.

Yoon Suk-heun, governor of FSS, made a statement about the potential for more cooperation during the opening ceremony of the 20th Integrated Financial Supervisors Conference (IFSC) held in Seoul Thursday, September 6, and attended by officials from 15 countries.


2 - Yaya Fanusie, director of analysis for the Foundation For Defense of Democracies Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance, told in a testimony made today at a House Financial Services Committee hearing that, Foreign terrorist groups such as Isis and al-Qaeda have failed at repeatedly trying to raise money to fund their criminal operations using crypto and failed. Cold hard cash is still king


3 - Finance ministers gathering in Vienna agreed that they won’t rush with steps to further regulate the market and that they’ll wait for the outcome of a thorough analysis by European authorities before deciding on any steps.The EU will be acting carefully in this area,” Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe told reporters in the Austrian capital.


Todays Top Gainer and Loser for Today

Top 10 Gainer (last 24 hour)

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.31.23 AM.png

Top 10 Loser (last 24 hour)

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.31.36 AM.png

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