Lightning network just crossed capacity of 100 BTC

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Lightning network just crossed capacity of 100 BTC

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Bitcoin Analysis

If we can't get another large volume spike in here soon to break $7.3k for a $7.4k retest, I see a breakdown to test mid channel support imminent.

Thinking we go to fill the gap at 7100 area, before any further upside i think a break over 7350 would get it to 7500 and's true that We need a higher high on the MACD with any new push or we head back to $6931 and below

If we can break 7400 then the bulls will be in favor, we are closer to breaking the resistance then support. We have touched 5 times resistance on hourly btc chart and tension is starting to build!Daily CBOE Futures Chart. Gap filled now, but it created another one now on the downside at 7100.the daily RSI level hitting (63-64area) an area of historic resistance and support.

if btc price again fails we go straight back to $6800 range, which should hold. IMO after that we should see a test of next resistance at $7800.

Short crypto price update
*1. BTC: $7256.69 (-0.19%)
*2. ETH: $288.88 (-1.7%)
*3. XRP: $0.34 (-1.77%)
*4. BCH: $625.91 (-2.27%)
*5. EOS: $6.45 (-1.97%)
*6. XLM: $0.22 (-1.36%)
*7. LTC: $65.36 (-0.14%)
*8. USDT: $1.00 (0.02%)
*9. ADA: $0.10 (-0.96%)
*10. XMR: $135.90 (12.47%)

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