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Bitcoin BTC

After the last increase to the value of 6.953.38 $ (25 727.51 PLN), bitcoin returned to the level of the exit falling

up to $ 6,557 (PLN 24,520.90), which the experts' divinations have become very divided.

Julian Hosp, president of TenX, the popular crypto payment platform, recently said that the price of Bitcoin could reach 60,000 USD this year

While the Nobel laureate and American economist Joseph Stiglitz predicted that the value of Bitcoin could be seriously depreciated within ten years. A professor at Columbia University said he could only reach $ 100 after ten years.

Etherum ETH

Ethereum shows a downward trend in the medium term. Strong inflationary pressure caused a drop in demand at PLN 1,660.34 in yesterday's range. The rise of the bear's beast brought the bears back. The price of Ethereum has been pushed to a whole new level of PLN 1 571.35 in the demand area.

The future is in the sell-off region at 12 percent, and its signal is down, which means that there may be a continuation of the decline in the crypto currency. 419.98 USD in the demand area may be the target of bears in the medium term.
Bitcoin Cash BCH

Yesterday there was a sharp decline from over PLN 2775 in bitcoin cash in relation to the Polish zloty. The turnover was just PLN 2,530 and is currently consolidating losses.

The initial resistance approaches the level of 23.6%, from USD 2,882.30 to USD 2,530.00.

Litecoin LTC

The Litecoin Foundation showed that Litecoin is moving in a different direction. At the time of writing it increased by 0.87% and it is expected that it will increase more during the day. Of course, this increase is very small, but taking into account the current state of the markets, Litecoin is encouraged to really stand out.

At the time of writing, the neighbors Litecoina EOS and Stellar fell respectively by 7.78% and 5.25%.

The Litecoin Foundation reportedly purchased 9.9% of the German bank, WEG Bank AG, after taking over the stake from TokenPay.

Which can strengthen his position in the future.


Following the instructions of other altlloins, Cardano (ADA) also dropped by 9.42%, and currently is 0.48 PLN, which is below the level of 0.50 PLN. The next expected value is PLN 0.46. The 4-hour chart shows that Stoch and RSI are starting to turn around, possibly increasing from the sold-out territory, because ADA has increased interest in shopping below PLN 0.48. Because Bitcoin is still falling, ADA may fall to as little as PLN 0.41, which would be a good moment to open the position, because ADA should recover 0.56PLN easily after "removing the current clouds".


At the moment XRP is suffering because it finally fell below the important support of 0.45 USD and fell by 5.90% during the day. Both 20 and 50-day MAs are below 100 MA, suggesting a further decline as the most likely result. Yesterday's fall from USD 0.48 shifted XRP below the level of 61.8% of the Fib cancellation, with support of USD 0.47 and the Cryptocurrency closed below the 100-day MA.

At the moment, both RSI and Stoch are on the bear market and so far we do not see any entry points that provide an attractive risk and profit scenario, because XRP did not attract interest in shopping even below 0.45 USD.

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