PURA Aurora release is near!

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Wow PURA at less than $0.20...and Aurora Release just around the corner ❤️ I suspect anyone selling now will be upset for acting on emotion...remember "emotion is the #1 money killer"!

Key is to go against the stream...

Currently Supply > Demand of PURA, but hold on to your knickers once Aurora is out and marketing team kicks in :-)

Great points in video:

  1. PURA will be #1 crypto currency within a couple of wks (Aurora)
  2. New functions, PURA Planet (Community Voting)
  3. Psychology (NOT EMOTION) shows that BUYING PURA now before the upcoming release can be a very great profit proposition :-)

Thank you Markus for making the video and highlighting what a unique buying opportunity PURA is at this very moment!

Please UPVOTE and SHARE if you have friends looking for a good spirited crypto project to enter into where we aim to Make A Difference!

Video direct link:

#PURAVida everyone ❤️🌏❤

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