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Since 2008, Bitcoin was heralded for its potential to replace the classic banking model for both businesses and consumers.


Cryptocurrencies have been massively successful; Bitcoin is now the most popular cryptocurrency, with a market cap of over $187B. A research conducted by Cambridge University published this year says that there are between 2.9M and 5.8M unique users actively using a crypto-wallet.

Despite its massive popularity, cryptocurrencies are not welcome everywhere yet. Let’s talk about a few Bitcoin-friendly countries included in the top list towards the end of 2017. This list is not in perfect order and these countries are actually part of a much larger list of bitcoin-friendly nations and governments so it's far from comprehensive. Circumstances change and some news may not have been taken into account.


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Imagine a country where everything that’s new in the digital world is not only tested but also implemented. -Where the internet is a basic human right and where everyone has a virtual presence. Well, this country actually exists and its name is Estonia. Known as the birthplace of Skype, it’s a sovereign state in Northern Europe, south of Finland. What’s interesting is its tech-friendly government is apparently willing to implement the latest innovations like blockchain technology for basic services like healthcare, banking and even governance by giving its citizens an option to become “e-Residents.” This service also offers digital authentication to Estonian businesses and citizens. It's also one of the pioneers of blockchain-based e-voting service that allows their people to participate in Nasdaq’s Tallinn Stock Exchange.


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The Russian Deputy Finance Minister said late 2017 that regulators were planning to recognize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies legally in 2018. The government has been eager to address money laundering, which certainly encourages greater oversight and regulation, ultimately leading to its legitimacy.

Sberbank and VTB Group, among Russia’s biggest lenders, have created an innovative blockchain ledger called Masterchain, which will be used to assist in processing speedier transactions through the central bank.


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Switzerland’s financial markets regulator has approved the first Swiss private bank for Bitcoin asset management, potentially paving the way for other global banks to offer digital currency products.

Zug has also been referred to as the Crypto Valley by Ethereum co-founder Mihai Alisie, due to the large number of companies engaged in cryptocurrency in the city.

Zug, Switzerland is also known as the “Crypto Valley” since many major blockchain companies have established their headquarters in the area. Ethereum, Tezos, Shapeshift and many other companies have established business in Switzerland due to its acceptance and support for blockchain technology.


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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory at the extreme south of Spain. It has launched into the blockchain revolution not long ago. Gibraltar has even launched a blockchain summit on February 8, 2018, which discussed the future of ICOs and regulations for blockchain technology.

Gibraltar was the first nation to establish regulatory framework for blockchain back in May 2017, which encouraged a safe environment for both investors and developers.


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Japan has arguably become crypto-crazy recently when it introduced blockchain to many governmental sectors. Japan even passed a law declaring that Bitcoin is accepted as legal tender in April last year. This Asian country is now known worldwide as one of the Bitcoin-friendliest countries in the world.

It’s clear that Japan has adopted the crypto revolution wholeheartedly, and is home to the world’s first cryptocurrency themed J-pop band called “Virtual Currency Girls”— which is as bizarre as it sounds. More recently, the two largest crypto industry groups—the Japan Blockchain Association and the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association— have announced a merger that will create a self-regulatory body.

The country distinguishes itself from its neighbours, China where Bitcoin mining has been gradually reduced to a halt by the government and South Korea, where anonymous Bitcoin trading is already punishable by law. At a more extreme end of the spectrum, Bangladesh passed a law in 2014 stating that anybody caught using the virtual currency could be jailed under the country’s strict anti-money-laundering laws.

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These countries on the list have different features that have made them nice places for Bitcoin exchanges to proliferate. There are only soft regulations which is totally fine for the average trader, technology acceptance is high and many businesses accepting Bitcoin are regarded as innovative and are growing fast. Cryptocurrency communities are also solid and fast-growing in these countries, pushing the cryptocurrency space to the next level.

Among other countries worth mentioning are Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, The United States and Singapore. Please feel free to add to the list any updates through your comments below.

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Spain is looking to make the jump

Great post

  ·  last year (edited)

When it comes to Bitcoin, Austria has been liberal too.
since 2013 it has been possible to buy coins at special Atm and crypto stores.
since 2016 you can buy bitcoin,ether, dash , litecoin at almost every post office.


Thanks for the information.

Some time ago I was wondering if there is any possibility when my beautifull country try to be friendly and able to use crypto and blockchain technology as for. ex. Estonia. It is so sad that in Poland the government is drowning in its leaky ship, and taking my country to the far end from new technology.. :(

there is noting we can do i guess ..

Heard anything about Italy? The bureaucracy there is pretty slow :(

Cool! Neat Map And Post! Very Informing!

I think and though China should be among those countries you listed. My personal though

great information post like it ! thanks for shareing !


You're welcome.


keep it up bro

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations for 3000 +followers. Outstanding information you shared. Respect all 5 countries. Thanks a lot for sharing such a exclusive post.



When I visited Japan last year I was amazed to see so many Bitcoin stickers everywhere and I think I even saw an ATM where you could exchange Bitcoin for cash! I didn't think much of it at the time because I wasn't into Crypto back then but now it truly amazes me! Great post again Hiro! Upvoted and followed!

Some expected, some (for me) quite unexpected but I really enjoyed reading your post and learning something.
In Croatia, Bitcoin is still rarely used on daily bases as a way of paying (but I was positively surprised to see a local medical equipment online store which offers bitcoin as a payment method). Hope it becomes more common experience :)

What do you think about the Philippines? They have a pretty big community on steemit I noticed


I also checked the news about the Philippines and it's not the best I want to see.

MANILA - Investing in bitcoins can be "very risky" due to large price fluctuations and could result in "huge" losses, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said.

They seem to discuss it in terms of price volatility and risk, and not so much about the technological benefits.

but Union Bank seems to be optimistic.


Thank you 😀

This was a really interesting post! Hopefully the whole world will eventually become friendly toward cryptocurrency. Thank you for the post!


I hope so too. It's a pleasure.

cool mate, at least now I have an idea where can establish myself in case there are some troubles here ;)

In germany it always takes some time to approve something like bitcoin.

Nice post. If the crypto trend continues unabated, i guess China will become the largest marketplace because they always make sure they are, at least a step above all in revolutions.

Your information is very good. thanks

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It is very interesting to know these top bitcoin-friendly countries. Thanks @hiroyamagishi for this awesome post!

What a great countries to live in! How about the Netherlands by the way?

great info!

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정보 감사합니다!!

Great post. :)

.My country Switzerland creates a law about ICO! it's really nice to living in this progressist contry !

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