🎇 Crypto Coins 2017 Analysis and Review: Cardano, NEM, Stellar, Tron 🎇

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2017 was indeed an incredible year for crypto-investors! Now let's take a look at the next four altcoins on the top of the list.

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Although it may sound bad to those who only invest in bitcoin, some of these currencies (altcoins) are better than Bitcoin in terms of technology. They took what's good, tweaked what's not so good, and came up with potentially more advanced technology.

If you have already checked the top 4, let's look back further and review the top 5-8 coins today. All images taken from www.coinmarketcap.com.


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Cardano (ADA) has been positively affected by a bullish market filled with enthusiasm. It exploded in price from under US$0.03 to US$0.41 in less than three months, a gain of over 1500%. The market cap currently stands at $29,845,428,708 USD with $636,205,000 USD traded over the past 24 hours.

ADA has been to two 'big-time rallies' back in december but it's too early to predict what will be its overall pattern for the whole year, since the coin is still young. The second major climb occurred on lower volume and lower sustainability, known as a bearish transition. The coin has then essentially reset, after sliding and touching 50 on RSI.


NEM Graph.png

NEM is dubbed a 'sleeping giant' for a reason. In fact, it appears to be one of those largely unappreciated cryptocurrencies. NEM is the top-seventh cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, but you wouldn’t know it by reading mainstream stocks exchange blogs or magazines. It is largely unknown outside of the crypto-world.

There’s also confusion when it comes to the currency’s official name. It is named NEM, but it the symbol is 'XEM' on trade.” XEM currently trades at around $1.72 USD


Stellar Graph.png

Stellar is a platform designed to be the future of banking. The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization so, institutions and individuals are not charged for transactions processed on the network. The foundation only takes donations and allocates a minimum of 5% to cover operational costs. Stellar Lumens can be a reasonable investment since it originates from a sound protocol from Ripple, has a strong team behind it, is established in the marketplace and has already established great partnerships latest of which was IBM and KlickEx. They have since developed a blockchain-based international payments solution proven to significantly reduce transaction lags and lower costs. Like many other altcoins, it was bolstered a huge surge this december.


Tron Graph.png

TRON was designed with an aim to 'heal the internet' through a distributed Economy in the digital world. It's also known as Tronix, which is a cryptocurrency running on TRONS. It transacts with all other cryptocurrencies found in the market. While Bitcoin grew to almost $20000 USD, TRONIX has managed to grow faster compared to other top cryptocurrencies.

According to Coinmarkercap.com, TRX was priced at $0.0039 USD and then after a week, it surged to 0.02064 USD marking a high rise of 513% in December. This shows that TRONIX has the potential to get a significant portion of the future market. It is currently in an exciting bull rally and now being traded at $0.188729 USD

Looking farther into the future

Many might feel like there’s a new cryptocurrency every day. There were in fact an average of about one ICO per day in 2017! The continuous growth of bitcoin and the surge in value of many altcoins has triggered a new wave of ICO’s and IPO’s. Now, the next big question is: How are these new altcoins going to thrive and perform in an increasingly crowded market?

While predictions about cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin prices are usually bullish, analysts and crypto-traders now appear to announce their predictions with warnings about a price correction. Moreover, these analysts are constantly revising their price predictions in response to the latest, unexpected growth. Both of these observations are proof of the very speculative nature of cryptocurrency investments. At the end of the day, cryptocurency investors have as little as only price-pattern signals and a few environmental cues which inform their forecasts. However, fewer and fewer people now doubt that cryptocurrencies will significantly influence financial markets or the long-term world economy.

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Thank you very much for discuss about many other crypto ..You provide yo update many other crypto news..Carry on my friend ...


It's a pleasure. Thanks for reading!

Those 4 coins are on my hot list, keep stack up since it first launched on trading platform as I was not sure on ICO period. Hope those coins will be sleeping dragon and will fire soon. Thanks @hiroyamagishi for sharing. :-)

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Good analysis from a point of view of a trader.

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How do i get to purchase any of these???


Hi Jester, its kind of tricky, you have to buy these using BitCoin (BTC) or another crypto currency, you can't do it with dollars (USD). That being said, you initially have to create an account on a site that will let you buy BTC with USD. I recommend CoinBase. They are easily the largest and most reputable site and are FDIC insured for $100,000 per account. Once you create an account here and buy some BTC you then have to create an account on a site that offers one of the above (use CoinMarketCap.com to see which exchanges offer which coins), and transfer your BTC to your "wallet" on that site. Once your BTC balance is transferred, you can then use it to buy whichever coin you want. The key is buying some BTC first. You can use my link to CoinBase (my referral code), and we both get $10 free BTC! If you want any more info, just let me know, Im glad to help. Have fun making tons of cash!


Good Luck!

Hi @hiroyamagishi .... good post and well done . UpVoted and resteemed successfully. Please see my last posts. thank you.

I had to chance to buy a good amount of Tron at .03 and I didn't take it....Bummer. In addition to these listed i'm hoping Verge will take a big leap.

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steemit will rock till 2020

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good post I'm looking forward to a great year for crypto in 2018

god writeup. do you think tron have capability to grow.

Good choice