Big News for Ripple (XRP) Yesterday and Ripple Goes DOWN! - Is this the end for XRP?

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The Japan Bank Consortium of 61 banks will release a smartphone application called “MoneyTap” in the Fall of 2018. This app will be powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology, and allow customers of the bank consortium to settle transactions instantly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Despite this good news XRP is moving lower. We only have a small position of XRP left in our HODL account which we got in at 0.75. We are watching it closely today and tomorrow, and will decide whether to unload. (Our stop is at 0.80) XRP looks like it will re-test the support at 0.69.

Let us know what you think.

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Like the title of your post. Very catchy!


Thanks but we are really worried about our small XRP position, but everything is dumping today.

I'm thinking and wondering the same thing with XRP. Seems it'll be overtaken with a better tech in the very near future...?

And then there is this...


Thanks man. I wish I knew what happened today. Just bought a small position of STEEM.

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Here is xrpusd: