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in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

The digital currency era (crypto-currency) is moving at an astonishing rate. I confess that i am not very much into this subject yet and i know very little. Only a few months ago, i only knew Bitcoin. Thanks to one of my brothers who started to get interested in this subject and even started to invest, i started to know that there are more coins. More 3 or 4? No. More than ... 1000 (!!). And new ones are always being created.
I have not yet had much desire to learn about the subject more deeply, but i'm beginning to get interested in some that i find interesting. The first one I used was this: Steemit.
Another one i discovered a few days ago is Musicoin. A site where you publish your music and make money whenever someone hears your music. Being a musician and having many songs recorded, i found this site interesting. Here the coin is Musicoin.
My page on Musicoin is:


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Nice post my friend i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music ,deep house afrohouse etc,Greetings and have a nice day :)

Hi @guzman! Good to see you on Musicoin. Some good news on that platform... check it out...

The World’s First Blockchain-Enabled DJ Mix