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RE: Ripple Analysis Best Time to Buy Hurry up

thats great analysis. for this entire week we have been seeing the crypto market nose diving..deep red. a little bit of recovery in past 3-4 hours to reach back the 200Billion mark. I, hope your prediction come true on Ripple, I hold some invest in XRP as well.

Further, it would be nice if you could share your analysis on Steem. How, do see STEEM performing in coming week/months. Love, to see some positive uptrend. thank you for sharing deep insights to different crypto coins and tokens. thanks.


Hi @gungunkrishu, i advise you if you already hold the ripple then it is right time to buy so that your average price will be down. Respected friend i only invest in Bitcoin and Ripple so i do not keep an eye of other coins. Second reason two busy in forex analysis. But for you sepcially i will keep an eye on steem and give the technical analysis. Keep it mind technical analysis works well but news and rumors really distorted the technical analysis.

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