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Upon reading a post by @cryptoviking found here about LBRY providing free tokens, we thought 'what the hell, let's try it out'.

LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace.
You own your data. You control the network. Indeed, you are the network.
Hollywood films, college lessons, amazing streamers and more are on the first media network ruled by you.

^ Read more about LBRY


^ LBRY Facebook page

We have spoken to LBRY users and developers on Slack, as well as read up on the ongoing discussions and issues, to bring you this information.

We'd particularly like to thank 'Jiggytom' from LBRY slack for helping answer some of the questions.

Free Credits


The intent is that active participation in LBRY will earn you some sort of reward.


Each time someone signs up (puts in their email) using your referral code, you get credits.

^ This is ours.

Once you sign up you will get yours in an email. Whenever someone signs up using your referral code, you will be allocated credits.

This is NOT a pyramid scheme -- meaning, we will NOT get extra credits if you sign up using our code and then your buddy signs up using yours.

The credit referral mechanism is still in development. You will not get instant riches.

Signing Up


You will need a valid email address for the first round of verification to enter the LBRY site, at which point you will be able to download the LBRY client.

We did not incur any undue issues while installing or uninstalling LBRY.

The LBRY Client

Once that is downloaded and installed, you will see what looks like a cross between a mini-browser and YouTube.

The way LBRY works is users upload and share content.

Content can be free or for a price of LBRY credits. If you look at the following screen grab, you'll see some of the entries have "free" underneath and some have amounts, such as "12.7". That is the price for viewing the content.



Watching content isn't instantaneous as LBRY is still in active development. There are also myriad glitches.

For this reason, if you are actually interested in this project, we'd strongly suggest signing onto the LBRY Slack and sharing information regarding your user experience and glitches.



For those interested in using LBRY and doing so actively, there are monetary limits you can preemptively set in order to prevent overspending. The below image is the control options.


Identity Confirmation

This is something most people don't quite seem to comprehend about LBRY.

Remember how at the beginning of this post we mentioned that you receive free LBRY credits for referring users?



Credit Card Verification

Verification on LBRY is done via credit cards.

When you provide your credit card you will see an authorization charge of $1. That is not a legitimate charge as in it is not a charge that will cost you $1. It is only for verification purposes and should it show up as a line item on your statement, it will show as a refund on a subsequent line.

In short, you will NOT lose $1 and you should NOT waste anyone's time complaining or speculating about said $1.

Currently, there are no alternate methods of verification that are being considered.

You MUST use a credit card to become verified.



While it is possible to hide content on the platform, similar how content can be hidden via flagging on Steemit, there is currently no way to take it down. That is just the nature of the blockchain.

The bar for what qualifies as "quality content" or "acceptable content" has not yet been implemented and will likely see future imlementation via "verified channels".

The LBRY proponents and developers on Slack don't seem to be too concerned about the potential that the platform will become utilized by pedophiles for sharing child porn or by criminals selling proprietary content.

There is an excellent potential that, due to it being a lesser-known and in-development platform with an additional payout potential, LBRY will attract these types. We hope that in the future, strict procedures are put in place to address this.


Currently, the uploaded content seems to be a soup of random short videos and images, including those typically found on shitty cartoon porn sites. This is unfortunate but should not be held against LBRY developers.


If you're interested in LBRY and wish to part with your credit card information, try it out and earn some credits while providing feedback and helping build the community.

We doubt it will make you rich and it is miles away from replacing YouTube, but the team is working on it and are actively trying to build something they believe in.


This account and posted content are the explicit property of and its team of rednecks and have been written, re-written, adapted and/or intended for Steemit. Additional credit is given where applicable. Watch and follow for our site re-launch in the near future.

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I have been very curious about the LBRY, thanks for some info

You're welcome, let us know how you make out.

Good Job Mate, as a content (video) creator i really wanna have more options then youtube...

Give it a shot then. There is lots of room for community involvement as well using contests and such.

Yeah I feel the same way. I know for a fact there numerous Youtube content creators - some with followers measured in six figures - that are looking for something better than Youtube.

check out
for great content

I am trying to do this but I cannot find anywhere to sign up? Following your link takes me to the download page for the client

You need to download the client. LBRY isn't a website like Steemit.

Ah nevermind once I installed I couldn't find it either, but then I cleared the cache and a screen popped up. Not too sure about linking my credit card..

They won't charge you but I don't know about how secure that is myself. You can use the platform without it, you just can't get rewards.

Nice post. Glad to see people are taking LBRY seriously - It has great potential. Hold on to those LBC credits people, it might well be worth it!

There's a lot of potential there.

Had me until credit card. Not whether or not it's credited back, but that it will be a barrier for entry if the plan is to go mainstream.

You're absolutely correct. That's what stopped me as well.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The ability to set your content's price is an interesting feature. But, no. Until there's some other verification method, I'll be on the sidelines watching. I also don't give up unnecessary data to mobile apps.

I played around a little in their closed beta. This public beta has for sure more features. I need to look into it.

They're constantly working on it. I'd suggest joining their Slack.

The credit card verification really pisses me off! Pardon my language. This is a huge red flag for me. Even the wording, to verify that you are a person, wtf?

  1. I'm not a person, I'm a human being
  2. I know how the legal system works, creating joinder between my artificially created person and myself is a big no no.
  3. This is supposed to be a block chain to free ourselves from the abusive system
  4. And talking about abuse, Hollywood is one of the worst propaganda machines, is (sexually) abusing it's artists...
  5. Hollywood is backing LBRY

Sorry for the rant but this is really true :(

You'r right, cc's creating a link between users' actual identities and their online work is the problem.

Artists are a commodity in Hollywood and elsewhere. I learned that a long time ago when our site centered around music. The emails I'd get from promoters/managers would read something akin to "my dog will jump through your hoop if you throw some bones my way".

I read their answer so I can imagine the reason.. A better question would be:

  • are you a human?
  • do you have just one account?

BTW I want to build a blockchain for digital rights. The idea is:

  1. Upload your art
  2. Get a digital finger print
  3. However copies your art even when they modify it, they get an @Cheetah visit.

I wrote extensively about it here would like your input if you have time to read it.

Going to read your post. I don't think most scammers/thieves care about @cheetah.

Back from Holiday :) Oh but that doesn't matter, when I see it then it is bye bye when it is purely copy / paste. I think others do that too?

A lot of people don't read/look, just upvote based on perceived rewards or lack of understanding.

Yes there is too much content and hard to discern quality. I'm wondering how this will pan out in Steemit. I think there is going to be a 'top' like we have now and the rest of us. With some language specific groups. You can reliably follow 15-20 maybe 30 people and then it becomes too much.