Crypto Market Suffers Massive Sell-Off As Fed Plans To Wrap Up Market Stimulus, Mulls Digital Dollar - [2022-01-21 Ryd3Tc]

in #cryptocurrency4 months ago | Russia's central bank is calling for a sweeping ban on crypto activity from mining to trading:

The bank proposed three amendments to existing rules, which include a ban on the trading and mining of digital assets.

Bitcoin pyramid schemes wreak havoc on Brazil's 'New Egypt': By DIANE JEANTET, Associated Press

CABO FRIO, Brazil (AP) — In April, Brazil's federal police stormed the helipad of a boutique seaside hotel in Rio de Janeiro state, where they busted two men and a woman loading a chopper with 7 million reais ($1.3 million) in neatly packed bills. The detaine…

New ‘BHUNT’ malware is targeting crypto wallets of Indians: Tech Desk

Cybercriminals are now stealing cryptocurrency wallet contents, passwords, and security phrases, targeting crypto wallets users have on their PCs, says a new report.

Philippine bank to launch cryptocurrency trading service: Bloomberg

UnionBank will use system developed by Metaco for managing its digital-asset operations

Bất chấp lỗ, El Salvador vẫn mua thêm 15 triệu USD Bitcoin: VnExpress

El Salvador bắt đầu mua Bitcoin khi giá khoảng 50.000 USD và hiện mỗi đồng chỉ còn quanh 36.400 USD.

Here's Why Bitcoin Is Not Risky: [email protected] (Neil Patel)

Understanding the true definition of risk should make us feel much better about this top digital asset.

Bitcoin Price: तीन महीने में आधी हो गई बिटकॉइन की कीमत, डूब गए लोगों के 600 अरब डॉलर: Team, Moneycontrol Hindi

दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी क्रिप्टोकरेंसी बिटकॉइन (Bitcoin) की कीमतों में पिछले साल नवंबर से जो गिरावट का दौर शुरू हुआ, वह रुकने का नाम ही नहीं ले रहा है। नवबंर 2021 में Bitcoin की कीमते 69,000 डॉलर के करीब पहुंच गई थीं, जो इसका अब तक ऑल टाइम हाई प्राइस है। तब से अब…

White House to Put Self at Center of Crypto Policy...: Jennifer Epstein, Jenny Leonard, Allyson Versprille

White House to Put Self at Center of Crypto Policy... (Second column, 2nd story, link) Related stories:NASDAQ Unrelenting Declines Ring Dot-Com Bust Alarm Bell...

NFTs: Forget apes and penguins — Let’s talk diapers, hardware and museums: Cointelegraph By Rich Feldman

NFT and its consumer adoption are still in their relative infancy, but technology holds a lot of great possibilities for the future for many industries.

Potężne spadki na rynku kryptowalut. Nadchodzi katastrofa?: Paweł Maziarz

Sytuacja na rynku kryptowalut wydaje się coraz poważniejsza. W ostatnim czasie obserwujemy duże spadki kursów, które na pewno nie wróżą niczego dobrego dla entuzjastów.

Explained: Why Hermès is suing an American digital artist over MetaBirkins NFTs: Explained Desk

The lawsuit has once again brought into sharp focus the ongoing debate over NFTs—the uniqueness and the real value of these digital artefacts and the criticisms against them.

A bitcoin adta a világnak a csodafegyvert, amit ha elsütnek, abba az egész bankrendszer beleremeg majd:

A bitcoin jóvoltából ismerhette meg a világ azt a technológiát, amely hamarosan egész iparágakat fog felforgatni. Bár úgy tűnik, maga a bitcoin nem fogja beváltani a hozzá fűzött reményeket, a blokklánc technológia mindent megváltoztat majd. A közvetítő szerv…

A Cure for Crypto Investment Anxiety: Socialnomics Trends

A Cure for Crypto Investment Anxiety If you are investing or have ever invested in any crypto market, you know the anxiety that comes with it. At times, anxiety can keep you fairly uncomfortable while trading. The crypto market is a vulnerable investment that…

The worst possible way to begin a weekend: PZ Myers

Watch Dan Olson explain blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, NFTs and what feels like hundreds of odd acronyms behind the latest series of scams. It’s 2 hours and 18 minutes of dense descriptions, all to expose the guts of a gigantic grift. It’s information-rich, b…

New New York Mayor takes his first salary in cryptocurrency: IANS

Mayor of New York City Eric Adams received his first paycheck in cryptocurrency -- specifically, in a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum coins

Crypto Market Suffers Massive Sell-Off as Fed Plans to Wrap Up Market Stimulus, Mulls Digital Dollar: Tim Korso

The cryptocurrency market has mainly been in the red since the middle of November, when global economies, including the US, started reporting decades-high levels of inflation prompting fear in investors about the coming end of government economic stimulus.

La valeur des cryptomonnaies dégringole à Wall Street: Maghreb Arabe Presse

Les cryptomonnaies ont vu leur valeur tomber en flèche vendredi à Wall Street, anéantissant des centaines de milliards de gains sur le marché.

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