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Crypto Monero was launched on April 18, 2014 and was named BitMonero (Bit. Like in Bitcoin and Monero - "coin" in Esperanto).
In the root is different from the forks (derivatives) bitcoin, it is based on the protocol with the principle of encoding blockchain. The algorithm of Monero is called CryptoNote.
At the moment, Monero (XMR) is among the most popular crypto coins, ranking 6th in the aggregate of valuation factors with market capitalization of more than $ 530 million.
Exchange ticker represented by cryptographic - XMR. The actual rate on the day of release of the XMR / BTC article was 0.023
The Monero project was developed without external funding by a group of programmers as a hobby. The crypto-fund is laid down by mathematician D. Bernstein (USA).
An unlimited number of coins are provided for release. Initial emissions will amount to 18.400 million coins, the extraction will take 8 years - by the end of May 2022. After that, the system will only support the operators - the opening of the new unit will take 120 seconds, and the award will be 0.6 Monero.

Mining Monero with a video card or processor on a regular computer is possible. Since it is not Bitcoin's fork, XMR coins may not be traded with ASIC equipment. And this in turn increases the attractiveness of their computing among ordinary PC users. In addition, the CryptoNight algorithm, unlike Scrypt, makes it possible to reduce the cost of computing without losing power. Of the other advantages of the Mining Monitors it is worth mentioning a steady decrease in the issue of coins.
For property Monero requires: app-mainer; powerful graphics card and processor; Cripple currency wallet; comfortable pool.
You can get the maximum return on the landing on your PC from such processor models as Intel i5, Intel i7.

Pools for Moneroy:,
on the latter there is the possibility of purchasing cloud-holding facilities directly for Monero

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