ANNOUNCEMENT: GODcoin ICO Pre-Sale Launch Has Commenced!!!

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago


The GODcoin ICO has officially begun!

We are now offering the pre-sale of Lord Ra-El's authorized New World Currency!

Lord Ra-El has declared that the gold and silver is his (Haggai 2:8), and very soon it will all come under his control. The Lord instructs you to buy gold from him (Revelation 3:18)... NOW is your chance to wisely buy GODcoin, and secure your wealth in His New Kingdom!

GODcoin will be available for purchase on this initial release for a short time only, and we are going to put only a limited number of coins in circulation, so we urge everyone to consider heeding the Lord's instructions now, before it is too late!

For purchasing options, click on the link here, and stay tuned to our website for the latest updates.

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Buy now before the prices go up...real backing with gold and silver.

This is great!!

This is AMAZING!!! We've all been anticipating the launch, congratulations and great success! I'm excited to get involved!!

Don`t miss the boat on this Golden opportunity

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Finally it is here the day the world will change forever. It is inevitable

It is almost impossible to keep up with the so many coins in circulation. Would you recommend this coin for purchase?
And do we get tokens ?
If its worth it , i might just invite a ton of eager people.
I woukd appreciate a response please 🙏🙏


I can't help you much but all I can tell you go to and do the research and if you need any help they will help you surely like they help me!


I would absolutely recommend this coin.


I'd recommend. It will take over the currency system when the markets collapse as it will be backed by real gold and silver.


Okay. Thank you

This could not have happened at a more appropriate time.

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