Litecoin Went to the Roof and I Sold Mine!

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Litecoin went to the roof yesterday and I sold the 10 LTC I had. I have been investing in different cryptocurrencies using my Exodus wallet for long-term holding and Litecoin is one of them. I didn't plan to sell my LTC because I wanted to hold them until they reach a level like Bitcoin, it was difficult to do so, but I dit take profit.

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Litecoin Went to the Roof and I Sold Mine!

I have been investing long-term in cryptocurrencies and bought 10 Litecoin a few months ago. I bought 4 LTC at $23.50 each on 27 May 17 and 6 more LTC at $29.25 on 15 June 17. The total investment was about $269 and at the time I thought that I had missed when it was only at $10.

Litecoin going up last month was a nice surprise, but we did not expect it to go so high so fast. My strategy for these long-term investments was to keep them untouched in order to see more value in a couple of years or more. 10 Litecoin at $16,000 each in a couple of years would be nice, and with buying several difference cryptocurrencies, there is a chance for it to happen.

So, I decided last month to play a bit around and if I saw a pick like that to sell, take my profit and then re-buy when it is much lower, and this way you can end up with more coins with the same amount of money.

Selling these 10 Litecoin was difficult to do, not so technically, but I had to make my mind that a change in strategy can be profitable when an opportunity occurs.

So this is what I did.

I first sold two Litecoin to buy other cryptocurrencies that I wanted to buy using the Exodus exchange for speed and simplicity, even though the fees can be a bit more than Poloniex, but I didn't want to send my coins back and forth to an exchange.

I sold 1 LTC to buy 5,784 district0x (DNT)

1 DNT is only $0.047 so it's a good opportunity to have plenty of them and wait that they reach $10. 

I then sold 1 LTC to buy 1,146 Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This is also a promising crypto which is more expensive than DNT, but still at $0.24 per coin.

I trust the people at Exodus to add support for quality coins in their wallet and buying lots of coins that are still inexpensive is how fortunes are made.

The BAT transaction took quite a long time to go through, the Litecoin Network was a bit under pressure with many people like me trying to sell at the best price.

After that I sent 3 LTC, to buy IPO share in a company I'm investing in. The 3 LTC gave me about $878 worth of IPO shares there.

Finally, I wanted to change 5 LTC in euros and I thought the fastest way would be Coinbase. It was in fact very fast to see the 5 LTC showing up after 2 confirmations, but 6 confirmations were needed to exchange them in euro.

During this process Coinbase went in maintenance, or off service, as it often does when there are too many people trying to buy or sell their coins.

The 5 Litecoin showed up at a value of 1,496 euros and when I was able to log back in this early morning, I was able to sell for 1,401 euros. Lost 95 euros with that and it is the reason why using Coinbase is not that great.

I will try to be prepared so I can send to an exchange that can handle a huge volume of users next time.

This apart, it's not bad to have sold them for 280 euros each, which is $330 USD. Now the plan is to use this money to buy my 10 LTC back. At some point it has to go down and I will be ready for it. If it goes down to $150, that would be great.

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As you can see I didn't pop any bottle, spending all the money gained, but reinvested all for more profit down the road. This is own you build a cryptocurrency portfolio for success.

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Michel Gerard


Up and Up and Up! A good sell if you made that much money can't be mad about that. Ill still be holding on to mine for a good while

Thank you very much @bitcoinflood for your comment. I'm certainly not mad and it's good to take some profit for Christmas.

Nice article. I sold my litecoin a while back to buy more steem.
Maybe I should have waited, but hopefully the Steem price will climb even higher!

Thank you for commenting @tomasgeorge. You did the right thing at the right time, at the time, to sell them for Steem.

nice post 80% 2.99$ upvoted Gift

Thank you very much for the upvote @arslan.saleem and I'm glad you like the post.

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.

- Winston Churchill

That's a good quote @wise-old-man, thank you.

Selling Them is a nice decision people are started taking interest into the cryptocurrencies...unlike bitcoin people are looking for the developer efforts in the currency.....The mining based currencies will probably go down in time if thr value dnt raise the mining wont be profitable and might crash unfortunately....better invest in smthing like steem zcash dash which r nt totally based on mining

Thank you for your comment @mvrr007. That's ridiculous the cost of equipment and electricity to mine Bitcoin, and Steem is a much better solution. Not sure how Zcash works.

yeah most of currencies works likesteem only ethereum litecoin and few others r mining based

Bought my first Litecoins yesterday and will hold them for a while, but I would probably sell mine as well if I got in before it skyrocket. It seems like everyone is jumping into cryptocurrency now :)

Congrats @dieterschneider for buying your first LTC. If you hold long term, it has a chance to go much higher. I will buy in again when it's lower than it is today.

After that huge increase in price I am sure you did well by selling them now. Good luck on your next trade.

Thank you very much @dedicatedguy, I appreciate your comment.

Thaxn you dear @gmichelbkk for sharing this helpful post. & you give our always about cryptocurrency trading like this one . & i always follow you. now this post #resteem & upvote done .

Thanx you so much dear sir @gmichelbkk for sharing this litecoin update &
i like you because you always share cryptocurrency update. now this post #resteem & upvote done .

yes Litecoin up

Isn't that amazing @sangeeta? Now prepare for the slide.

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