Posting to the Wrong Account on Steemit!

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Would you like to know how to prevent posting on the wrong Steemit account because this might be useful for you if you manage several accounts?

Posting to the Wrong Account on Steemit!

I have never had an issue with this in the past juggling with several Steemit accounts and I don't know what happened today.

Posting to the Wrong Account on Steemit!

I had an article ready to be posted on a Steemit business account of a client and I was logged in their account, seeing the correct profile image and everything, even seeing the wallet as the owner user. I am very careful when doing that because I manage several accounts for different people and I don't want to post or comment on the wrong account.

I clicked on the editor icon and then copied and pasted the article in it. I looked at the profile image again to make sure I was in the correct account.

I then went to the "Blog" of this account and did not see the post.

It's when I realized it might have been posted on my personal account instead.

In fact it did!

Posting to the Wrong Account on Steemit!

I then deleted the post and replaced it with the mention "Error - Ignore."

I logged out from my personal account, closed all my Chrome windows and also logged out of SteemPlus.

I then logged back again as the client's account.

Believe it or not, it happened again!

The post was once more posted on my personal account.

Something might be very wrong here.

I then deleted the post again and replaced it by "Error - Ignore."

I just hate seeing these error posts on my blog, and this post will replace one of them.

I will write another post to replace the other one.

So, what is the issue?

I certainly didn't want to do it another time so what I did is just installed the Opera browser and set it up to work only for this particular Steemit account.

Why use Opera you may ask?

Simple, I use Chrome for my personal Steemit account.

I use Safari for a client's Steemit account and I use Firefox for another client's Steemit account.

It looks like that I have used all the web browsers in town and that I won't be able to take any new clients!

Maybe there is a way to safely separate all accounts on one single browser, I don't know. If you do, please let me know in the comments below.

I use SteemPlus @steem-plus, which is a fantastic app, but it might have been the problem.

Posting to the Wrong Account on Steemit!

Maybe I was logged in my personal account with SteemPlus enabled while I was logged in the client's account on Steemit?

The SteemPlus editor has been showing an error page just after publishing posts for a while and even if it's a bit annoying, the post is still published correctly.

But the second time I was logged out of SteemPlus!

Can it be that I had my personal account's Steemit editor in the cache of the browser and it used that instead of the client's?

I don't think we can be logged in into two different Steemit account on the same web browser.

That's it, I wanted to share with you what had happened.

Even being a Dolphin you can always make mistakes.

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Maybe the steemplus guy should copy from FB , when you own multiple pages on FB it shows ...Posting as ( @ xyz) next to the post button...

let em know..

I tagged them here so they might see. It might not be an issue with their app also.

Why you have error post?

Something happened with the post and it is explained now! Thank you @kennyroy for your comment.

Now I understand... (^_^) I red it all...

Thanks for the explanation

thank you for giving us this information. it might be happens to any-other accounts also.

I am glad this is useful.

from which month you started your steemit account? and when you started earning in steemit? pls reply...

I started on 28 May last year and the post immediately earned $12,I think, but it was easier back then.

its good. my post not earning anything.. i feel so sad... i want to earn money.. but i cant.

Is that also how people can open several accounts on Steemit using different names, they just use different browsers? Wouldn't they still come up with the same IP address. I was always curious how people did that.

The phone number has to be different. If your spouse opens an account they will be on the same IP. Thank you @sunlit7 for commenting.

I hope so. Thank you for commenting.

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