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I Have a great opportunity https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=geeadams to make an extra few bucks just by doing what you do here on steemit by writing articles upvoting and commenting and getting curation and author rewards as payout for you contributions.
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Well I came across a new platform https://deals.weku.io/pick_account?referral=geeadams offering a great opportunity.
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WEKU is a social network and content rewards platform that makes the crowd the beneficiaries of the attention economy. It does this by rewarding users with WEKU.

WEKU has redefined social media by building a living, breathing, and growing social economy; a community where users are getting rewarded for sharing their voice.. WEKU, WEKU Power and WEKU Dollars are the cryptocurrency that users receive as rewards.

Users can:
Post stories on the network stored on the blockchain.
Upvote and downvote posts.
Earn rewards for creating and curating quality content on a decentralized weku social network.
Weku is a project based on the profound potential of blockchain technology to transform the way we interact online. Building on the technology laid out by Bitcoin, and EOS it allows for content creators to earn real world rewards for their contribution.
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Up to 25% of the reward for posts goes to the people who voted on it. These people are called curators.

The more WEKU Power you have in your account, the more your upvotes will be worth, and the more potential curation rewards you can earn!

Payouts are made 7 days after the post/comment is created. You can claim your rewards in your wallet after 7 days.

The payments may fluctuate (up and down) until the final payment is reached.

Payments for posts are split between the author (at least 75%) and the curators (up to 25%).

The author reward is paid 50% in WEKU Power, and 50% in liquid WEKU/WKD.

Authors also have the option to decline payout, or be paid in 100% WEKU Power!

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