GameCredits Will Provide Better Profit Margins for Game Creators on Unity

October 6, Unite Austin developers’ conference, Texas, GNation will release an SDK to integrate its mobile game store with Unity’s game-development toolkit in a move that will help reach up to 2.4 billion gamers and will provide game creators with more money, sooner.

The announcement was made on Thursday at the Unite conference in Austin by GNation president Sergey Sholom.

Sholom said the SDK will allow developers to effortlessly publish their Unity-made games on GNation’s app store, which will deliver 90% payouts instead of the industry standard 70%, and will pay developers within 60 hours, not 60 days.

GNation – a global gaming community striving to unite gamers and game creators – has promised a suite of blockchain-backed products to revolutionize the gaming industry. The company also recently announced its membership of the Linux Foundation’s HyperLedger consortium, joining big names like IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hitachi and American Express

This announced integration with Unity’s software, however, is its most significant step yet in reaching a mainstream audience.

Sholom said GNation would provide a service to game creators that far surpasses anything currently available on the market.

“Game developers have had to work under unreasonable financial pressure for too long. GNation will provide a much-needed alternative to the handful of app stores that have dominated mobile gaming from the beginning. By paying developers 90% of money from purchases and delivering that money within 60 hours, we are giving them back their creative freedom,” Sholom said.

“Integrating our platform with Unity provides us – and game creators – with a huge opportunity to reach the world’s biggest gaming market. Our fully compatible SDK will allow developers to offer their games on our app store and feel the benefits, at no cost to them,” he added.

More than 2.4 billion mobile devices around the world run Unity-made games, making it the largest provider of game-development software on the planet.


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