Reminder: Get a discount on Decenturion citizenship before the price will raise next month! — Steemit

Reminder: Get a discount on Decenturion citizenship before the price will raise next month!

in cryptocurrency •  2 months ago

Decenturion is the first Blockchain state that implements Blockchain technology on a global scale for all spheres of citizens' life: economic, political, and social.


Decenturion - the future that has already come!

Progress of decenturion in 3 months:

  1. Number of citizens exceeded 300,000 people;
  2. Visits to the site of Decenturion - 170,000 per day;
  3. Residents of 30 countries became citizens of the State;
  4. 350 accredited organizations;
  5. 850 employees;
  6. Listing of tokens DCNT liquid on the exchange HitBTC
  7. Volume of transactions in the internal market is 36,791 ETH (1648 BTC);
  8. Released official app in Play Market and application library (app for Apple will be in November)
  9. 30 startups have already distributed their tokens
  10. Start-up projects that are already listed on stock exchanges and have a working application - Valena-SV, SolSunTech, Travel with me, Finolog, FLOGmall, Sponsy, AskinChat, Crypto Jewelry

What does Decenturion citizenship provide?

  1. You get income that starts at $25.000 in the form of startups tokens in case of your passive participation and you get more in case of active participation and when holding ministerial positions.
  2. You become a part of the world’s first state with direct democracy and blockchain economy;
  3. You influence Decenturion policy – and together with other citizens define the path of its development;
  4. Free distribution of startups tokens;
  5. Paper and electronic passport, with the possibility of crossing countries supporting the state decenturion: USA, China, Malaysia, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, Germany.

The cost of citizenship today (10.10.2018) — $112. You will save $500 and will start getting income from startups tokens if you become a citizen today

The cost of citizenship in November, 2018 — $612
The cost of citizenship in January, 2019 — $4000
The cost of citizenship in January, 2020 — $10000
The cost of citizenship in January, 2021 — $16000
The cost of citizenship in January, 2022 — $25000


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Ehhhhhm what ? I didn't realized that this could be possible lol

Never heard about that and it sounds a bit - how can I say it - crazy that these countries already accepted the passports.
I am rly not into politics but is this even possible?? Found a state without land ?
I don't know how to deal with that..

But thanks for sharing this !


Hi @tibfox, yes this project sounds really crazy, but according to my information they really want to achieve the goal to buy an island on Malaysia in 2019 and begin the construction of the city. Really interesting, let´s see if they will reach the goal and there are already many people who are supporting this project.


I watched quick and not deeply into that and I am really surprised about there serious plan to buy an island to get accepted as a independent state. That is awsome :D
I was not paying the 50$ for the paper passport but if my Christmas money will come (I don't know sure) and they are going on with this crazy idea I will do that ^^ thanks for the intersting input !!


This would be really awesome to see the island as a independent state, definitely a project to keep an eye on it. Greetings from Berlin @tibfox!