More and more Startups are joining the Decenturion state: Travel With Me Startup! *sponsored*

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On January 14, 2019, Alex Bendecido, a Mass Media Officer, interviewed Kirill Belov, the Counselor of the Ministry of Strategic Development in the Decenturion State. Kirill Belov is also a curator of a Travel With Me (TWM) startup of Decenturion. As of today, the TWM startup is the only startup that accepts its tokens for franchise payments. They have good traffic; people buy the franchise and have already shown the first job performance.

Benefits for franchise owners:

  • a franchise cost is $ 88 but, when you pay with the startup tokens, its price is reduced by twice.

This unique offer is designed specifically for citizens of Decenturion.

  • the franchise owner receives his own travel agency, an Internet site where he can book tours,hotels, cruises for himself and for others.

On January 15, curators of the Travel With Me startup began training “How to make money in

tourism”. Everyone interested is invited to travel and earn! More information here:

Kirill Belov resumed results for 2018. The Counselor noted that a tremendous job was done for the period from September, the Second Congress, until the end of 2018. The Ministry of

Strategic Development was organized, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, Accelerator were restarted; the Ministry of Information has changed its work concept. All ministries “stand alert” at second hand of Kirill Belov.

The Counsel noted that about seven existing companies, existing projects in the Accelerator are ready to enter the Decenturion state. In addition, a number of companies are ready to get to the state with the current product that will be of interest to state citizens.

A State Fee was implemented. If a Decenturion citizen sells citizenship, 10 percent of his/her express price is charged to the state. At the same time, 10% of the amount is not a tax collected from the citizens, it is just an extra payment that a new citizen pays. This amount will be intended for national development. A person who buys the citizenship through a citizen's landingpage pays the amount below than the official price is.

At the end of 2018, Mastercard and Visa bank cards were connected. Now you can pay for citizenship with a card. It has become much more convenient for many people who wish to become citizens of Decenturion. The merchant was a “stumbling block”, not everyone was willing to pay with cryptocurrency, so the traffic did not catch up on it that was the fundamentalissue. However, today this issue has been resolved. High expectations are connected with the merchant for this year 2019.

Decenturion is the world`s first decentralized state on blockchain. You do not pay taxes to the state! Companies that enter the state pay its citizens. 30 million citizens are maximum as only 30 million tokens were released and they will eventually be citizens and passports!

Here you can sign-up as Decenturion citizen:

Official channels of the Decenturion State

Facebook —

Telegram —

Twitter —

YouTube —

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