Thoughts of Investments ?!

Welcome !

Many of you guys know, that we are living in a time of change . 

As always the changes are not easy and take time to be accepted by the majority. It is just the normel process that we are learn to do things better and go with the time. Everything is in constant change and it`s up to you if you want to profit from this or just sitting around and watching what is happening all the time.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

This is the key to success. You want to know how you can profit from the weird world of cryptocurrency and without investments in your knowledge you are nothing else as a gambler at the casino.

So knowledge and understanding in your investments are the most important things. You want to be smart and see what others can`t see. 

We are in early stages of the blockchain technologies but if you take a look at the market capitalization this is a really fast growing market with big possibilities and also high risks. You dont want to miss the train but this should not rush you to do quick and thoughtless investments. There are two big emotions that you have to controll.

  1. Fear
  2. Greed 

You should always think about why you want to invest. Is it fear of missing out because you see something grows very fast ? Or is it greed because you want earn fast money in short time? Or another example is you dont want to sell and hope for even more profits  ? 

Nothing of both is bad but the balance between these emotions are important because if one of them controll your mind you are not able to see the complete picture anymor some.

This was just a short blog to say Hello :).

Be patience.

Best Regards.

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